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Juhu, Mumbai : Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s luxurious Bungalow with a modern yet classic look!

When it comes to home decor, then Bollywood inspired styles have always mesmerized us. If we are thinking to revamp or decorate the interiors of our home, then Bollywood celebrities have always given us many exotic ideas to spruce up our space.

Juhu, Mumbai : Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s luxurious Bungalow with a modern yet classic look!

Just like, we have recently got some glimpses of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s palatial royal mansion “Kinara” in Juhu, Mumbai. Shilpa has decorated the interior by herself choosing different elements from all corners of the world. This bungalow has a modern yet classic appeal. Let’s check some of her recent posts to get inspired.

Living Room

The living room has been decorated with some grandeur where couches are of light sky blue and red colours with some silver and gold cushions. Then there are a large chandelier and a statue of a horse that give the living area a dramatic look. Many lamps have been put in different corners of the living room to light up the space from different angles.

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Shilpa’s living room definitely gives a cosy and aesthetic vibe. Large candles on the centre table take the entire look to another level. Some plants are also placed in this area to make the air soothing.


Dining Room  

The dining area is adorned with a large wooden dining table with some deep brown-coloured chairs that carry some traditional look. On one side of the dining table, one large mirror with some designs on it has been placed to use it as an accent piece. The dining area is separated from the living room by a glass door.



Drawing Room 

Mrs Shetty has a separate drawing room in her luxurious abode and it has a beige-coloured sofa that gives a cosy and comfortable look to the space. A large lamp has been well complemented with the couch.


Samisha’s Nursery 

Her daughter’s nursery area looks like a dream. It is based on the angel-theme with stars and snowflakes. The beige-coloured crib with some colourful toys make the look cosy and comfortable and perfect for a baby.


Viaan’s Room 
Viaan’s room has a large accent wall with Hobbes illustration. He has a safari jeep-shaped bed and a wooden wardrobe in the room.


Gym Area

Shilpa has given a classy look to the gym area. It has a high ceiling, stone pillars, glossy flooring with marbles, contemporary artwork, a gold chandelier and some gym equipment. This room encourages a lot for workout.


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