Smrti Triad Collection

  • Location Madhya Pradesh

  • Services rendered interior and landscape, Architecture, Customized furniture, House architecture, Interior Design, Interior Textured Furniture Finishes, Interiors, Residential interior design, Solidwood Furniture, Styling

  • Year of completion 2021

  • Client brief Alankaram introduces three sets that comprise the Smrti Collection. At Alankaram, we associate a feeling of "memory" with products that allow one to comfortably sit for hours over meaningful conversations or ponder alone in thought. Chapter 1 of the Smrti Collection features the Piki table - a minimal wooden table with whimsical decor accents, and the Doko chair - reliable, ergonomic and adaptable. Chapter 2 features the Smola dining/ conference table with a resin top and a new twist to the popular Ikkita chairs with dual-pattern upholstery. Chapter 3 comprises the sturdy Fusi table with ultra-comfortable Ploot chairs.