NUBZ Chandigarh

  • Location Chandigarh

  • Services rendered Artwork, Bespoke furniture, Electrical, HVAC controls, Lighting and audio-video controls, Plumbing, all furniture are made to order, Art, artwork and fixtures, artwork and painting, Automation, Civil, Customized furniture, Exterior Textured Finish, Interior Design, sustainable architecture

  • Year of completion 2017

  • Client brief A youthful Oasis in the otherwise rigid and regimentally planned city of Chandigarh. These were the lines on which the project was built. The city of Chandigarh is known globally for its planning and structure. Chandigarh being our home town we knew what the clients and the city needed. Space was conceptualized as a space for the young. The pallet was derived from popular culture. Iconic figures from popular culture were introduced in the form of artworks and murals. The lighting scheme was made dynamic and vibrant to allow the space to resonate with the vibe of the young.