The Magic of Minimalism Simplifying Holiday Decor for Modern Interiors

  • Location New Delhi, Delhi

  • Services rendered House architecture, Interior Design

  • Year of completion 2020

  • Client brief In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there's a serene magic in embracing simplicity amidst the clamor of tradition. In an era where clean lines and uncluttered spaces reign supreme, the allure of paring down decorations to their essence beckons. This elegant approach to our spaces offers a refreshing departure from the usual cacophony of ornaments, emphasising selective adornment. As we navigate through the flurry of festivities, the art of minimalism invites us to celebrate the season with mindfulness, elevating the holiday cheer within contemporary interiors. In this article, Ar. Suraj Mittal, Founder and Principal Architect of FC.