Paras Hospital

  • Location Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

  • Services rendered interior and landscape, Architecture, Building Exterior Finishes, Exterior Textured Finish, Interior Textured Wall Finishes

  • Year of completion 2023

  • Client brief The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the inadequacies of India’s healthcare programmes to light. Deficient infrastructure and unaffordable medical services created multiple challenges, adding significant stress to the already fragile healthcare system. Paras Healthcare is one of India’s largest healthcare chains whose vision has tremendous synergy with India’s burgeoning middle-class population that longs for an affordable rendition of high-quality healthcare. Accommodating more than 400 beds and over 100 intensive care beds. The design for Paras Healthcare emanates from three guiding principles woven together seamlessly to create a highly functional, flexible and resilient hospital building – sustainability, streamlined operations and users’ experience.