Embroidered Home

  • Location Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Services rendered Electrical, Plumbing, Civil, Interior Design, Residential interior design

  • Year of completion 2023

  • Client brief Fashion designer Yogita Kadam’s 1300 sq ft home in Oberoi Exquisite, Goregaon, reflects her aesthetic sensibilities and love for natural materials like Rattan and cane. Team SKD crafted a space embodying the 'Embroidered Home' concept, emphasizing form, texture, and light. Key features include a cozy, expansive open living-cum-dining area with custom rattan accents, efficient layout connecting common areas, and bedrooms with personalized earthy palettes. The design integrates curvilinear furniture, floral murals, and sustainable materials, creating a harmonious, elegant home that mirrors the homeowner's creative essence.