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MODE : Web Conference

DATE : 30 & 31 October, 2020

TIME : 4:00PM Onwards

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  • 30 October
  • 31 October

Future Forward; Looking Inward

As the industry and economy reel under pressure to recuperate faster, resilience and agility have emerged as the two strong points of survival in these times. One of the biggest buzzwords during the pandemic has been “The New Normal”. Experts across the industry, however, believe: The true New Normal isn’t now.

The true New Normal will be when the markets open-up when the cities open arms to embrace the reverse migration of labourers. At the same time, in the next few months, the pandemic is expected to move inwards to tier 2 and 3 cities, urging organizations and the government to implement its learning from the highs and lows of urban India’s fight against the pandemic.

How can offices, schools and establishments restart? How should cities be designed? Are there social issues which can be solved through design interventions? How can design thinking help us plan the future-forward, but looking inwards?

  • Dr Ken Yeang

    Ecologist, Principal at TR Hamzah & Yeang, architect, planner and author

  • Rahul Kadri

    Partner & Principal Architect, IMK Architects

Musing 1

Social Design

Despite the recent GDP contraction, the fact remains that India is still perceived as an emerging economic power and formidable partner in the APAC region.

While the growth rate, size of the market and the demographic dividends puts us in a favorable position, the fact is there are still problem's galore – whether its economic, social, or cultural. In this context, how can design lead to social impact? How can inclusive designs influence behaviourial and cultural change in an organization – and the nation?

  • Goonmeet Singh

    Founder & Partner at Design Forum International; Author - Invertonomics

  • Chakkaravarthi Rajamani

    Director, Strategic Growth & Excellence - ICS

  • Siddhanth Shah

    Founder-Director at Access For ALL

  • Johannes Torpe

    Founder, Johannes Torpe Studios

  • David Schwarz

    Founding Partner, HUSH

Musing 2


Before the pandemic, nobody could have imagined that we would spend most of our time indoors. While this has brought us closer to the family, many of us have begun to realize our immediate surroundings and space have an impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

According to consumer reports, Indian consumers are expected to prioritize their home décor plans; however, the volume of the investment may witness a dip.

Like the Baya Weaver bird, people are creating their affordable luxury dream home bit by bit. The focus would be to create zones and spaces within homes while keeping their personality and lifestyle needs at the core.

  • Rajat Mathur

    Business Head, Script – Godrej & Boyce

  • Farah Ahmed

    Co-founder at FADD Studio

  • Meena Murthy Kakkar

    Design Head at Envisage

  • Sakina Rangwala

    Director – Media Relations, Eztablish Design Communication

  • Shibani Jain

    Founder, Baaya Design


Who Moved My Park?

Public Spaces are the bellwether of a healthy society. But, in the move for rapid urbanization and the trends of smart cities, did we relegate the importance of public spaces?

As we aspire for public spaces to bring a sense of civic optimism, we also need to ensure that the plans are not just entrusted to the government.

Without crossing the borders of activism, when are we going to ask designers, builders and authorities – who moved my park? How can designers and citizens power the moment in support of public spaces?

  • Ankur Choksi

    Principal at Studio Lotus

  • Gerdo Aquino

    Co-CEO, SWA

Musing 1

Break in The Code

Every year, the industry draws a list of architecture and design trends expected to remain in vogue. Design is a fluid field, and it keeps evolving as more and more such trends emerge. For instance, 3D or additive printing was one trend expected only to make its presence felt in the niche sectors, but architecture has embraced it.

Similarly, few other trends such as parametric architecture, biophilia, robotic architecture, coding for designers etc. have featured in the list multiple times. During the session, the panellist will debate and discuss a few trends they think are fads and others which they feel may outlive the projections and emerge as long-lasting trends.

  • Anubhav Gupta

    Founder at GPL Design Studio, Godrej Properties

  • Sushant Jai-Amita Verma

    Founding Partner at rat[LAB] Studio

  • Mauricio Noronha and Rodrigo Brenner

    Co-Founders - FURF Design

  • Massimiliano Brugia

    Co-Founder, Obicua

  • Abdul Sater Wafai

    Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Sipal-Wafai

Musing 2

The Cocoon Effect

Despite the trend of connected homes, home security was never on anyone's priority list. In India, over 60% of security decisions are made by third parties like the builder, contractor etc. Even in briefs, security doesn't make the cut, usually. Why is it that, despite the rising crime rate, security was not a priority?

During the pandemic health security, now the responsibility of securing one's space has taken an inside-out approach – people are taking the onus of security, and then expecting external partners to pitch in. Are designers considering security an essential part of the design brief? Is there a change; or at least a foreseeable one?

  • Mehernosh Pithawala

    VP, Godrej Security Solutions

  • Mitali Aharam

    Founder at Crafted Spaces

  • Tanya Khanna

    Founder, Epistle Communications

  • Payal Karumbiah

    Founder at The Baby Atelier

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