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Design for thought

The responsibility of design and the designer towards the end user has been much debated-where the past is revisited, and the future is predicted. Flipping the narrative to focus inward, we question practitioners and their practices about chosen paths, changing preferences, continued influences, recurring trials, repeated tribulations, and also ambitions, visions and opportunities that raise them like phoenixes from the ashes.

MODE : Web Conference

DATE : 21 & 22 October, 2021

TIME : 4:00 PM Onwards

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Event Schedule

  • 21 October
  • 22 October


The gap between the physical and digital spaces is narrowing and yet the chasm remains considerable. How does one bridge this—by exploring, identifying and creating opportunities that can be exploited for larger problem solving, higher productivity and greater achievement.

  • Tapio Rosenius

    Designer, Artist, Innovator & Entrepreneur

  • Ayaz Basrai

    Co-Founder, The Busride Design Studio


Technology has shrunk the world and we are now hyperconnected. Clients and their consultants in different geographies are working together efficiently. The pandemic has further forced innovations for continuing working strategies and uninterrupted success. So, how is technology changing the the way we engage with design? Are virtual experiences / AI / AR / VR persuasive tools to communicate and sell design? Do they / can they exist within / alongside / outside of the brick and mortar paradigm?

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Chief Design Officer (CDO), Godrej Properties ltd.

  • Inato Sema

    Founder, Quickviz Co.

  • Sunitha Kondur

    Partner, Hundredhands & Founder, SOURCE

  • Raghava KK

    Multidisciplinary artist, storyteller and curator


While advertising for creative services such as architecture and interior design remains unauthorised, the need for putting oneself out there to get noticed, gain recognition and create a brand has become increasingly common and even necessary to create further work opportunities. Getting the right break, doing the right job, projecting the right image—what, why and whereof design publicity, PR and communication.

  • Josh Dobbins

    Associate - South Asia, Flint Culture

  • Pareina Thapar

    Co-founder, Longform

  • Vinita Chaitanya

    Interior Designer


“The devil is in the detail” and the detail describes beauty, but beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…is it imperative to follow formative training to find success or can the journey be of adventures, explorations, experimentation to carve your own niche? Breaking the brackets of expectations, allowing oneself to pause and reflect or even alter direction, if fuelled by passion and deep curiosities, the path will always be unique.

  • Marie-Anne Oudejans

    Interior designer

  • Kunal Bhatia

    Architect, Photographer & Writer

  • Sameer Kulavoor

    Visual Artist

  • Susanna Bjorklund

    International Trend Analyst, Journalist, Lecturer and Designer


While we all see the pretty pictures in the end, it is the process, often-times a long, arduous journey riddled with professional hiccups, personal trials and many failures that defines the final outcome. Some of these mistakes alter our ways of thinking and philosophies in significant manners, often creating that critical kink in our paths. Even the highest-achievers stumble at times, but what they learn from their falls is how they are defined.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Founder, Lopez Design

  • Ant Vervoort

    Architect, Frankie Pappas

  • Vaishali Shadangule

    Fashion Designer


While many have the privilege to identify their passions and find career paths within close proximity of their interests, there is the other lot, equally sized if not larger, for whom their career is purely a means to an end—the end here being their chosen lifestyle. There is no blanket rule as to what is right or wrong. There is no formula for success, economic gain, social standing or personal contentment. There are choices, and those choices are defined by unique circumstances.

  • Sarah Fotheringham

    Co-Founder, Safomasi

  • Arzan Khambatta

    Artist & Sculptor

  • Sumant Jayakrishnan


  • Sarah Sham

    Principal Designer, Essajees Atelier



The last decade has seen a significant paradigm shift in work culture—millennials are questioning the work-life balance in ways it was never discussed before. There are schools of thought that range from work-driven and career-oriented independence to prioritising physical, social and mental fitness over professional achievement. The question thus is, does my work facilitate the life I want to live, or define the life I have to live? Where do I draw the line of sacrifice—giving into a demanding work culture vs personal desires—or do I need to at all?

  • Sarah Fotheringham

    Co-Founder, Safomasi

  • Arzan Khambatta
  • Tanya Khanna

    Founder, Epistle Communications

  • Payal Karumbiah

    Founder at The Baby Atelier