The Great Hornbill leads the way in sustainable architecture

Studio Aro has designed and built the Great Hornbill at the new Donyi Polo Airport in Arunachal Pradesh entirely from locally sourced bamboo and cane, benefitting the livelihoods of numerous artisans.

Give your home a festive makeover with the Logam Collection

Launched by Studio Palasa, the Logam Collection elicits a sense of quietude, making use of customary techniques while drawing a sense of elegance and grace with a twist of modern minimalism.

Exploring a transcendental and spiritual character in architecture

Residence 53 is a recently completed project by Chandigarh-based architecture firm, Charged Voids, that seeks to redefine luxury while standing out from its surroundings.

Transforming pedestrian footpaths into a lively social hub

A multidisciplinary team was involved in rehabilitating Escadinhas Footpaths, a network of pedestrian footpaths in Matosinhos, Portugal.

Designing a chain of value-driven hotels

HIEX is a chain of hotels spread across numerous cities in India. In 2018, Studio IV successfully designed and renovated 10 of its hotels within a year, setting a benchmark in the hospitality industry.

Get your home festive-ready with wallcoverings from Novelio®

Made of breathable glass fibre, this beautiful range of wallcoverings by Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the perfect accessory to give your home an exciting facelift.

An inner-city hideaway in Lisbon

Constructing an independent housing unit on the curtilage of a vacant heritage building.

Residential schools for the underprivileged in Uttar Pradesh

Atal Residential Schools will ensure that every child receives a quality education.

A cosy tropical-themed apartment

Transforming an apartment in the suburbs of Mumbai into a cosy haven for a young couple.

A house that bends over the view of Brufe

A house where the patio is the link between the social and private areas and the view over a valley of Brufe.