Queens of Quirk

Disha Bhavsar & Shivani Ajmera, Co-founders of Quirk Studio, have fearlessly forged new paths into entrepreneurship and interior design with a thoughtful nod to their predecessors

This Noida home by Studio DAT adopts a re-purposing route

The brief was to keep it simple, and every room to narrate a story using the old furniture as it has been passed down by the generations and valued the re-loving and re-purposing the products.

R Project by Ameliorate Design Studio is a chic play of pastels

The home is designed to reflect the personality of the young entrepreneurial client who preferred colourful but not a gaudy-looking house.

Stone Lodge Wayanad by Earthitects is about getting closer to the earth

Bengaluru based Earthitects, have designed the Stone Lodge in the midst of wilderness in God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Sao Bartolomeu House in the center of Aveiro.

The interiors of the houses reflect its central location in the city, with pragmatic and functional spaces.

A New Delhi home inspired by nature

Drawing from the opulent, contemporary aesthetic, this 5,000 sq.ft. residential space in Sainik Farms Delhi features neutral tones of off-whites and greys and a profusion of rich hues of greens and blues inspired by nature.

Stairs in an office can be a sculptural piece

The main challenges of this intervention were the interconnection of the two warehouses, in order to be able to seam the original space and the new space in the most fluid and natural way possible.

A fusion of muted colours, bespoke furniture and wooden accents punctuates this apartment by Chalk Studio

Inspired by a modern minimalist decor style, the elegant pieces of furniture infuse panache and understated luxury.