Chennai based designer and artist Krishnamithra hand paints spaces for her new series

Illustrated Interiors by Krishnamithra is a series of hand rendered spaces furnished completely by Indian brands of interior and furniture companies that one can buy online.

Cast in Stone: A Class Marble India

Celebrating 50 years in the country, the leading marble and stone importer speaks on key trends, Kishangarh Experience Centre and why the next wave of growth is hidden in Bharat.

Sanjay Puri Architects uses cantilevered cuboid volumes to create a sculptural office building in Chennai

Akshaya 27 is designed in response to the climate and the client’s brief overcoming multiple site restrictions, to create energy-efficient offices that open into outdoor spaces.

Urban Zen’s Rohit Suraj uses Sans Souci Aurora light to decorate a Hyderabad Villa

He used the Aurora light from Sans Souci (designed by Katarina Kotulacova) for a Hyderabad Villa project.

Designer duo Darshana Patel and Rashmin Perla give a fresh twist to southern India design

This home interior brings a fresh new approach to a distinctly South Indian style of interior.

Pure + FreeForm Harnesses the Transformative Power of Light with New Collection of Metal Skins

With innovation and sustainability at the core of Specular’s design, the collection succeeds in coupling function and form, where the surface becomes an integral feature of the built environment

Godrej Interio Whitepaper: Re-thinking Learning Spaces

Godrej Interio has launched a whitepaper Re-thinking Learning Spaces that lays emphasis on how education institutions will look at people, process and workspace framework once the lockdown norms are eased. 

Watch: The Future of Learning Spaces Webinar

Luminaries from education and design sector deliberate on the future of education in the post COVID-19 period.

Invertonomics: In conversation with Architect Goonmeet Singh Chauhan

How can you use design innovation to solve critical issues of the country? By turning them into an economic opportunity.

Beyond Design: Interior Designer Sachin Gupta votes to bring alive vernacular designs

Sachin and Neha believe in the maximalist approach by employing scaled up accessories, complex textures and multiple elements leading to spaces that unfold like grand tapestries.

Re-Imagine Workspace : Work From Home and The Future of Office

Will the work from home trend redefine future offices? Will it lead to the end of office spaces? Find out more as our distinguished speakers discuss on our post-COVID-19 webinar live!

Mohicka Gupta Bose Decodes the CosyQuirk Way of Being A Decor Blogger

If you follow Indian décor bloggers and influencers on Instagram, chances are that you would have stumbled upon CosyQuirk by Mohicka Gupta Bose.

Inside Dalhousie’s Elgin Hall

Once a summer escape property for British Royals and now a beautifully restored and designed quaint boutique hotel

Eztablish Design Communication releases a documentary on Design in 2020; calls it CLARITY

Eztablish Design Communication has recently released a documentary that presents perspectives of leading architects and designers from around the world on how design will be redefined in the year 2020.

Monsoon Care: How to upkeep your furniture

We are all at home, and we are in the middle of monsoon. As we prepare for the onset of the festive season, we cannot wish away the troubles monsoon brings along.

Whitepaper: Re-Thinking The Office Space By Godrej Interio

The Offices were not designed to keep people apart and stop the spread of infection. The post-COVID workspace, therefore, needs a complete re-thinking.

Re-Imagine Workspace

Explore the challenges and solutions to re-imagining workplaces in the post-COVID-19 world. Hear the experts talk about the factors that need to be kept in mind while designing a workspace in the post-COVID period.

Perfecting the Trad-Mo Decor style with Interior Maata, Ananya Bhattacharjee

Interior Designer, YouTuber and social media influencer, Ananya Bhattacharjee a.k.a Interior Maata is a big fan of modern rococo art, but she admits Indian vintage is still her fascination.

Balancing Legacy and Modernity: The Club at The Trees

Creating a dialogue between legacy and modernity to cater to a community’s recreational needs

Sanjay Puri Architects designs sustainable micro-environment for a residential project in Surat

The apartments are planned to facilitate cross ventilation and are sheltered by large cantilevered decks that mitigate heat gain in response to the climate of the location.

OUTSIDE the Box: Innovation in times of COVID-19

Weiss Architecture & Urbanism with Wonder Inc. have unveiled OUTSIDE the Box. This modular 'front of classroom' teaching support unit was designed to facilitate healthy, fresh air education during the time of COVID-19.

Darkroom and Beyond: National Award winning photographer Andre Fanthome

André Jeanpierre Fanthome, Founder and Principal, Studio Noughts and Crosses delves on the world of photography from dark room to now.

Kangana Ranaut turns interior designer for sister Rangoli's new pad in Kullu (Manali)

In the midst of Vocal for Local debate, Kangana Ranaut prefers local partners for turning the Kullu (Manali) house of her sister Rangoli Chandel into a beautiful home.

In conversation with Shefali Pandey of GoBoho Decor

Professionally, Shefali Pandey is a digital marketer. However, on Instagram she is popularly known as the creator of GoBoho.

Addressing consumer expectations with new technology and design

Functional supremacy as important as design aesthetics of the product says Shyam Motwani of Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems

Collaborators of the Cadavre Exquis Challenge by MuseX – Part 2

Here is the second set and final list of collaborators who made to the Cadavre Exquis Challenge by MuseX for MuseLABs

Collaborators of the Cadavre Exquis Challenge by MuseX – Part 1

On May 15, MuseLAB, through a selective process invited young designers and students to create something with a positive outlook and re-imagine the future.

Cadavre Exquis by MuseX defines collaboration and out of box thinking

With 38 distinctive contributions, the challenge set forth by MuseLAB’s research arm tests the creative side of design professionals and students.

A circular approach to Mumbai’s construction debris issue

Mumbai alone generates over 1500 metric tons of construction debris every day, and most of this debris is dumped in landfills; some of which have exceeded their capacity.

Actor Sonu Sood’s Moga home transformed

Indian film actor had transformed his Moga (Punjab) home and gifted it to his sister

Evolving design sensibility of Mumbaikars over the years

Designers are paying increasing attention to aspects such as carbon footprints, monetary flows and objective views and their effect on aesthetic preferences.

Gender-neutral designs are still far: Payal Karumbiah of The Baby Atelier

In conversation with Supreeth Sudhakaran, she acknowledges increasing democratisation with families on home decor decisions

I do not prescribe to the thought of owning a niche, Ar. Dinesh Panwar of Urbanscape Architects

The New Delhi based architect feels, consumer centricity, authenticity and context are critical determinants of 'who', 'how' and 'what' of a design.

Abraham John Architects' Chhavi house reflects the past and present

Abraham John Architects faced several challenges while designing a residential villa in Rajasthan. Here’s how the team combined traditional Indian architecture with modern design to overcome them. 

Housing will see changing definition of essentials post COVID 19

We are now spending more time at home than ever before! Here's an article that talks about how COVID 19 is set to change the housing industry.

COVID-19 : How are architects and interior designers managing work commitments ?

Our final story on the work-from-home series showcases some real voices from the ground.

Mind your posture while working from home

The COVID-19-driven lockdown has pushed majority of the professional workforce into working from home. Given the long hours of work, it is also crucial to keep an eye on your posture.

Creating a workout friendly home

Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your fitness. You may not be able to hit the gym, but you can definitely convert your house into one!

Five inspiring design talks to watch during Covid-19 lockdown

In an unprecedented era of social distancing and working from home, why not invest time in upgrading our skills as well? Here are five must-watch talks at TED conferences that are sure to change the way you think about architecture and design.

The Beauty Of Bricks

Sometimes, the very factors that prove to challenges can ultimately lead to the most striking and cost-effective structures. The office of the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC) in Delhi highlights just that.

Top 3 Architecture Events around the World – 2020

Mark the dates on your calendar and don't miss out on these extraordinary experiences!

Houzz unveils the Best of Houzz 2020 winners

The annual people’s choice award from the Houzz community highlights home remodelling and design professionals with the most popular designs and top ratings

Women’s Day through the eyes of the female AID professionals

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day—#EachForEqual—provided the perfect opportunity to ask some women in the industry about their take on diversity and inclusion.

Adding a dash of green to Godrej L’affaire 2020

‘Live #LifeatTheTrees’ brought the importance of living amidst nature to the fore at the fourth edition of Godrej L’affaire

Have a tiny kitchen? Use these 5 smart storage hacks

Every inch of space is prime real estate in a tiny kitchen. Make most of it with these tips

Liven it up! 5 dos & don'ts to set up your living room

The living room is also called the family room for a reason. Use these tips and make everyone at home fall in love with the space!

Transform your kids’ room into a fun-learn zone with interactive walls

Every parent gets excited at the thought of designing the kids’ room. There’s a lot one can do to make those little spaces vibrant. Interactive walls help transform the kids’ room into a fun-learn zone.

Smart fragrances for smart homes

Control the way your home smells with a finger tap!

Is your home winter-ready?

We bet your house is chilling right now, thanks to the lovely winters. Give it a warm hug – and it’ll be all set for the season!

The art of reputation building for architects and interior designers

Tanya Khanna says most architects and designers do not invest in creating a brand for themselves

“As architects, we must be held accountable to the manner in which we design our buildings”

Architect Amit Khanna talks about the need for sustainable architecture and more

Connecting and marching towards a sustainable world!

Product demos, engaging sessions, enthusiastic audience and conversations to build a sustainable world. That's what the 2nd edition of Connections by Design Dekko, Bengaluru, was all about. A recipe for a successful event!

World Architecture Festival 2019 Awards reveals India shortlist

A glimpse of projects from India which are shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2019 – the world’s largest live-judged awards programme

Recycling is driving innovation in designing

Recycling has become the need of the hour. Architects and interior designers around the world are focusing on reusing and recycling products to nurture the environment with sustainable structures

How to decorate your house to boost happiness

The weather outside might be gloomy, but being in a beautiful house can instantly lift your spirits. Here are some tried-and-tested home décor tips to boost happiness

A debut worth remembering

From engaging masterclasses to immersive experiences around home décor, Connections by Design Dekko offered it all. It was our first of many pop-ups to bring the AID community closer

When the office feels like home

Our workplaces have undergone significant changes. The panel discusses the innovation that is shaping the look and feel of our offices.

“Nothing can exist without space”

Ace Photographer, Jatin Kampani, explains how the optimum use of space can bring the best out of your photographs.

Award-winning architect, Vikas Dilawari, in conversation with Namrata Mehra

“Conservation, Adaptive and Re-Use” - Vikas Dilawari, Conservation Architect, explains how these words can shape up the city landscape.

Design Dekko: A networking platform for architects and the design community

Over 350 architects, interior designers and allied professionals were present at the launch of the first-of-its-kind platform in Mumbai

Better Green Than Sorry

Sustainable construction is not a fad anymore – when buildings are in harmony with their environment, cities become more live-able and vibrant for everyone

Reimagining Cities, for Survival

Urban design plays a vital role in city regeneration. If done right, it can change how we live, work and play in the future