Liven it up! 5 dos & don'ts to set up your living room

The living room is also called the family room for a reason. Use these tips and make everyone at home fall in love with the space!

Transform your kids’ room into a fun-learn zone with interactive walls

Every parent gets excited at the thought of designing the kids’ room. There’s a lot one can do to make those little spaces vibrant. Interactive walls help transform the kids’ room into a fun-learn zone.

Smart fragrances for smart homes

Control the way your home smells with a finger tap!

Is your home winter-ready?

We bet your house is chilling right now, thanks to the lovely winters. Give it a warm hug – and it’ll be all set for the season!

The art of reputation building for architects and interior designers

Tanya Khanna says most architects and designers do not invest in creating a brand for themselves

“As architects, we must be held accountable to the manner in which we design our buildings”

Architect Amit Khanna talks about the need for sustainable architecture and more

Connecting and marching towards a sustainable world!

Product demos, engaging sessions, enthusiastic audience and conversations to build a sustainable world. That's what the 2nd edition of Connections by Design Dekko, Bengaluru, was all about. A recipe for a successful event!

World Architecture Festival 2019 Awards reveals India shortlist

A glimpse of projects from India which are shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards 2019 – the world’s largest live-judged awards programme

Recycling is driving innovation in designing

Recycling has become the need of the hour. Architects and interior designers around the world are focusing on reusing and recycling products to nurture the environment with sustainable structures

How to decorate your house to boost happiness

The weather outside might be gloomy, but being in a beautiful house can instantly lift your spirits. Here are some tried-and-tested home décor tips to boost happiness

A debut worth remembering

From engaging masterclasses to immersive experiences around home décor, Connections by Design Dekko offered it all. It was our first of many pop-ups to bring the AID community closer

When the office feels like home

Our workplaces have undergone significant changes. The panel discusses the innovation that is shaping the look and feel of our offices.

“Nothing can exist without space”

Ace Photographer, Jatin Kampani, explains how the optimum use of space can bring the best out of your photographs.

Award-winning architect, Vikas Dilawari, in conversation with Namrata Mehra

“Conservation, Adaptive and Re-Use” - Vikas Dilawari, Conservation Architect, explains how these words can shape up the city landscape.

Design Dekko: A networking platform for architects and the design community

Over 350 architects, interior designers and allied professionals were present at the launch of the first-of-its-kind platform in Mumbai

Better Green Than Sorry

Sustainable construction is not a fad anymore – when buildings are in harmony with their environment, cities become more live-able and vibrant for everyone

Reimagining Cities, for Survival

Urban design plays a vital role in city regeneration. If done right, it can change how we live, work and play in the future