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Transform your interior spaces with these exquisite laminates

Updated On : 25 Mar 2023
Minimalism is designing to allow the art, the books, the view, the people—whatever matters most to the inhabitant—to be the soul of the space.” – Deborah Berke
Transform your interior spaces with these exquisite laminates

We all need a spacious, adequate, and cosy bedroom to refresh and unwind. Your safe space represents the design, comfort, and simplicity you cherish. A warm cup of coffee, those satin sheets, the furry blanket, and the ethereal aroma of your room would be incomplete without the aesthetic touch of your interiors. It is just as crucial to safeguarding property from the inside as it is from the outside.

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Laminates, depending on the design, colour, or pattern, can help you recreate a wide range of interior styles. Put on your creative hat and follow these tips to strike the right balance between cosy and appealing décor, with bold hues and statement interiors expressing your buoyant desires with the latest collection from Greenlam Laminates.

Play with neutrals

Product: Almond or Chocolate from Four X Ten Collection

Transform your interior spaces with these exquisite laminates

All you need to design your space is the artistry and colour schemes that complement your charisma. If you're looking for shades that are both unique and sophisticated, we recommend the Almond or Chocolate shade from Greenlam's Four X Ten collection. These warm colour palette shades provide a superior interior finish, making them ideal for panelling in your common space, large entrance doors, kitchens, and wardrobes, as well as other commercial areas like office furniture and large conference tables.

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These laminates are ideal for both commercial and residential use. They are 4 feet wide and 10 feet long, making them best suited for a seamless, unified look with no joints or intersections. Moreover, they produce less waste, making them cost-effective for users. These laminates also have relevant certifications in the areas of health, quality, and the environment, making them the ideal choice for your décor.

Looks fresh from the bark

Product: Refresh Oak from Four X Ten Collection

Transform your interior spaces with these exquisite laminates

Giving your space a real wood look is another unique way to amp it up. Refresh Oak from the Four X Ten collection of Greenlam Laminates is designed to imitate the appearance of real wood and give your interior the warmth it needs. The wood laminate can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications in commercial and residential settings. With artistic looks, these wood pattern laminates are equipped with a multitude of features, including anti-bacterial, heat, impact, scratch, and abrasion resistance, while also giving flawless finesse to your interiors with uniformity and beauty.

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Additionally, they avoid the challenge of grain or pattern mismatch, saving time during installation. These laminates are equipped with dimensional stability and non-toxic emissions for safe and hygienic spaces.