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Sans Souci reveals an ambitious new design direction

Updated On : 12 Aug 2023
Sans Souci unveils 15 new product designs, including remarkable collaborations with William Sawaya and Karim Rashid.
Sans Souci reveals an ambitious new design direction

Sans Souci, a leading designer and producer of glass and lighting installations, has unveiled its latest portfolio with an ambitious new direction for the brand. The new design concept focuses on discovering beauty and innovation from contrasting perspectives, which was the inspiration behind an impressive 15 new collections set to be launched during the 2023 Milan Design Week.

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The new collections mark a creative milestone for Sans Souci, which has experienced substantial global growth in recent years. Among the most exciting designs are collaborations with renowned designers Karim Rashid and William Sawaya.

William Sawaya’s BRANCHY collection is sleek and artistic, inspired by the natural world. It features long crystal tubes in sandblasted, clear and metallic finishes, fitted together with metal bindings. Each component has an LED light source running through it, offering the flexibility to create various ambiences depending on how you choose to illuminate your interior.

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Karim Rashid’s exquisite CHIN CHIN collection plays with perception. Flawless installations consist of crystal components shaped into golden drinking glasses suspended from glass rings, finished with gradient nano-coating. The resulting effect is a fascinating paradox – the glasses appear full, but they are empty; they hang upside down, yet nothing spills. This design is both opulent and contemporary and serves as a dramatic focal point for any interior.

Each of the new collections builds on Sans Souci’s central design concept – seeking harmony in contrasting ideas and aesthetics. This approach reflects the brand’s response to the most pressing questions in the interior design industry. It is focused on embracing the contrasts and equilibrium between different perspectives – the space between luxury and responsibility to the planet, between craftsmanship and sophisticated technologies, and between classical design and contemporary ideas.  

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Martin Chab, Founder and CEO of Sans Souci commented, “Our new direction and collections are testament to our commitment to design and innovation. They show that we are not afraid to combine diverse elements and ideas to create truly captivating pieces. We’re delighted to launch our 15 collections in Milan at one of the biggest design celebrations in the calendar – Fuorisalone and Euroluce. It will be exciting to get feedback from our partners and the wider industry, but this is just the beginning as we continue to grow our brand and portfolio.”

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Sans Souci’s exhibition ‘The Harmony of Contrast’ was showcased in April at the 2023 Design Week in Milan. One of the highlights was HARK, an immersive exhibit featuring Sans Souci’s bold designs and cutting-edge lighting technologies. The multimedia piece featured exquisite crystal cuboids that dynamically respond to the surrounding audio, emitting a different ambience depending on the tone of the sound. It offers a design experience that engages all your senses as it reveals the contrasts between cool and warm, darkness and light, silence and sound. 

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