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Beginners guide: Creative ideas for styling your new living space

Updated On : 07 Feb 2024

Are you in the process of redecorating your new living space but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the ocean full of options? Not sure where to start or what design aesthetic best suits you? Don’t fret; this guide is here to help!

Beginners guide: Creative ideas for styling your new living space

Are you in the process of redecorating your new living space but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the ocean full of options? Not sure where to start or what design aesthetic best suits you? Don’t fret; this guide is here to help! 

Decorating the living room can be daunting, and Pinterest doesn’t always answer all of your “how to design a living room” questions. But your worries are ours now – and we bring forth a step-by-step process of establishing your living space design aesthetic, making room for furniture, lighting up the space, adding finishing touches and shopping for necessities. 

So, let’s start creating a living room of your dreams, shall we? 

How to Decorate a Living Room?

How to Decorate a Living Room?

Establishing your Design Aesthetic: Identify the colours and styles you want

Creating a stylish and unique home can be challenging – but don’t forget – one thing about you is that you’re the worst alive! And baddies (literally) challenge challenges – so begin with establishing your design aesthetic. Start by looking for colours and patterns that best reflect your aesthetic – however, consider the mood (very important, mmhmm) that you wanna create – whether it’s cosy or contemporary. Take your time and browse through magazines or simply walk around your neighbourhood – these people have breathtaking home decor, man!

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Next up, develop a style board with wallpaper fabrics and other embellishments that fit your mood (and mood swings!) Just don’t shy away from experimenting – mix and match colours and patterns – until you find the one that makes you go GAGA! Also, keep an eye out for furniture items and other niceties that complement your design aesthetic – and let it tie together all of the elements of your living room. By following this, you can gain valuable insight into how to decorate your living room. 

Making Room for Furniture: Decide the best layout for furniture pieces that will provide comfort and ample space to move around

Making Room for Furniture by India Circus

Olivia Rodrigo got her driver’s license last week just like she always talked about – and you too can get the most surrealistic and beautiful home decor – but with the right furniture layout, though! Furnishing your home doesn’t have to be daunting; with a bit of planning and creativity, you can quickly turn your living room into one that’s comfortable and accommodating.

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Start by measuring the room and the furniture pieces you intend to use, then experiment with different arrangements until you find one that meets all your needs. Visual aids such as rugs or 3D models can also help you decide on the best layout for your furniture. For inspiration, why not check out India Circus’ selection of furniture pieces designed specifically for Indian homes – our designs will surely bring life and character to any living space! Don’t trust us; be the judge yourself!

Lighting Up Your Space: Explore how you can use lighting to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room

Lighting Up Your Space

Sun in the eyes, navy blue skies, let your living room decor be the reason you can survive – so, light up your space like there’s no tomorrow! Lighting is oh-so-essential, guys – we beg your pardon, but we just can’t stop stressing over it! There are several kinds of lighting options available, from pendant lighting to chandeliers, overhead lighting, rail lighting, sconces, and whatnot! With the proper positioning of these lights, you’d just wanna turn off your phone and be alone, draw the curtains, and never leave home!

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Consider the natural lighting as well – but how will you do that? Well, by hanging sheer curtains or blinds, you can let natural light in during the day to brighten up the room. You can also use dimmers and other devices to control the brightness of your lighting for different activities throughout the day.

When deciding on the best lighting for your living space, it’s essential to think about how you plan on using each area within it, as this will help determine which type of light fixture works best for that particular purpose. For example, if you are looking to provide task-based lighting in an area such as a home office or kitchen countertop workspace, then directional fixtures such as track lights are ideal. 

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On the other hand, for providing ambient illumination in a more relaxing environment such as a seating area or dining table setting, softer decorative fixtures like wall sconces for chandeliers may be more suitable. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, India Circus has it all – visit our website today!

Bringing in the Finishing Touches: Get creative with adding accents like curtains, rugs, and wall art that will make the room come alive

Bringing in the Finishing Touches to your Living Space

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Is this how you fall in love? Well, bringing in the finishing touches and getting all intelligent with adding accent pieces will make the room more humming! Adding the right finishing touches to your living space can be an immaculate way to make it more inviting. Curtains and rugs can provide texture and introduce vibrant colours or patterns to any living area. Wall art, such as canvases, photographs, or prints, can express your style while brightening up a room.

When selecting curtains for your living room, consider fabrics such as silk or velvet that are both beautiful and practical. Try opting for heavier materials like damask or jacquard to create a luxurious feel in your home. Look for interesting patterns or colours to bring life to your living space. India Circus is an excellent source of vibrant designs that add character to any room.

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Rugs are an excellent option for decorating a living room as they come in endless sizes and shapes with various textures and colours. Rugs can also help define different areas within an open-plan layout if you’re looking to separate spaces without walls. For instance, if you want to differentiate between dining areas and lounges, consider using patterned rugs that contrast each area’s design aesthetic. India Circus offers innovative rug designs that would be perfect for this purpose!

Wall art is another essential element when styling a new living space. It adds visual interest while also expressing who you are as an individual – from classic oil paintings to modern abstract pieces – there is something out there for every person’s taste! If you’re looking for something unique, why not check out India Circus’ collection of handmade wall art? From hand-painted tiles to ceramic sculptures, these pieces will surely upgrade any room’s design aesthetic!

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Hand Made Wall Art for your Living Space

Finally, don’t forget about additional lighting solutions such as lamps or wall sconces, which can help bring warmth into any living space while creating moods through dimming options. By following these, your new living space will truly come alive!

Shopping for essentials: Shop wisely for furniture items and accessories that fit your design aesthetic

Shopping for essentials to your Living Space

Shopping for essentials that will bestow a phenomenal glow on your home decor is paramount. Choose the right accent pieces, furniture, and appliances that fit your design aesthetic. First, make a list of all the items that you need and prioritize them according to what your budget allows. Next, choose furniture items or other accent pieces (while considering the size and colour) and compare them to the overall aesthetic. If it’s all wow-worthy and cute, go ahead with it! Avoid purchasing items that are too large or too small, as it might disrupt the room’s balance.

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Then, look for multi-functional pieces that can be used in more than one way – this helps maximize space and create multiple looks with one piece of furniture! Opt for an impressive selection of furniture pieces that offer versatile uses like side tables and can also serve as additional seating solutions or coffee tables with storage compartments built-in.

Finally, make sure everything is safe! Before making any purchases, check customer reviews online or ask someone who already owns any given item about its durability and safety measures like whether it needs assembly instructions etc. Following this tip on shopping wisely for essentials like furniture, appliances and other items while keeping within your budget limit and design aesthetic guidelines, styling your new living space doesn’t have to feel overwhelming anymore!

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Why Choose India Circus for Styling Your New Living Space

Why Choose India Circus for Styling Your New Living Space

Living spaces reflect who we are and how we want to be seen. India Circus is the perfect place to discover stunning pieces to adorn your new living space, enabling you to express yourself freshly and creatively. With a fantastic selection of furniture, lighting, accessories and more – you can find exclusive designs, modern styles, and traditional pieces that fit any budget. The online store offers effortless navigation to easily browse the products available at India Circus.

India Circus has an incredible collection that features all sorts of colours, prints, textures and materials that will make any room come alive with timeless elegance. From traditional Indian motifs such as paisley patterns to contemporary abstracts or classic solids – there’s something for everyone! Furthermore, their free shipping & returns policy makes it easier than ever before to order what you need without worrying about cost or commitment.

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Final Words

The constant hunger for creating innovative pieces that will stand the test of time without sacrificing style or quality is unfathomable – but when you incorporate sustainable materials, you can come up with excellent results!

Whether you’re looking for subtle accents or bold statement pieces – India Circus has it all! With over 5 million products at your fingertips – finding stylish decor items won’t be a problem here! Plus, with our free shipping & returns policy – why wait? Step into India Circus today & start styling your new living space!

FAQs on Creative Ideas for Styling Your New Living Space

How can I make my living room classy?

To make your living room classy, focus on choosing elegant and timeless furniture pieces, incorporating luxurious fabrics and textures, adding tasteful decorations and artwork such as wallpapers, and ensuring proper lighting.

How to decorate a living room step by step?

Decorating a living room step by step involves starting with a budget followed by a colour scheme, selecting furniture that fits the space and style, adding appropriate lighting, incorporating decorative accessories, and creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

How do you simply decorate a small living room?

To decorate a small living room, utilize light and neutral colours to create an illusion of space, opt for space-saving furniture, utilize multifunctional pieces, maximize natural light, incorporate mirrors to add depth, and keep the room clutter-free and organized.

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