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The Linear House: A minimalist marvel

Updated On : 12 Mar 2023
Ekam Studio’s latest project in Vadodara, Gujarat a stunning example of minimalist and tranquil living, showcasing the innovative use of vertical grooves.
The Linear House: A minimalist marvel

Ekam Studio has recently completed a residential project located in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood in Vadodara, Gujarat. The open environment and the lush green surroundings create a blissful atmosphere for the residents. 

The project demanded a fresh architectural and interior design to build a new bungalow for the client. The team presented two concepts to the client — an extravagant, larger-than-life bungalow and a soothing, minimalist home. The latter concept won the client's favour and became the basis for the project. 

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A challenging task was to bring everyone on the same page. Since the property faces west, the default requirement was a huge balcony where beautiful sunsets with evening teas could be enjoyed. The client requested a ground-level bedroom for his mother, a spacious kitchen for his wife, a small puja area connecting to the living room, and a minimalist and modern living room that complemented the outer recreational space. He wanted two bedrooms on the first floor, one for him and the other for his daughter, with balconies for both. The second floor was to feature a home theatre, bar, and an open terrace for evening parties.

One of the biggest challenges was introducing a black and grey colour palette in the master bedroom. The team was confident about this decision from the beginning, and after the completion of the project, the client was thrilled with the outcome and described the bedroom as ‘magical’!

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On completion, the house was named ‘The Linear House’ due to the use of vertical grooves throughout the property in various styles and types. The clean vertical lines complement the height of the project and create a beautiful visual effect.

Material palette
Since the concept was minimalist, the material and textures were also kept low-key. The primary materials used were plywood and MDF, finished with deco paint, laminates and acrylics (kitchen).

Special techniques
To ensure privacy and enhance the overall design of the house, MS bars were used to cover the façade facing the main road. This façade also adds playful lighting effects inside the home during the day.

HVAC details
As it is a west-facing property, there is a good amount of fresh air and ventilation. During summers, the top terrace can get heated up, but the home theatre and bar on the second floor stay cool. On the balcony of the master bedroom, a small linear OTS with fixed glass was installed to enjoy the beautiful sunset and fresh air in the evenings. There are sufficient windows and openings in the staircase area for optimum lighting and ventilation. 

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Since it’s a west-facing home, there is enough natural light during the day. Artificial lights have been installed as per the home’s interior and exterior needs. Some lights have been placed in such a manner that they add to the overall aesthetic of the home. The placement of lights was a crucial aspect of the design and was carefully considered to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality.

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Fact File:

Project Name: The Linear House
Project Location: Waghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat
Name of Client: Vishal Shah
Design Firm: Ekam Studio
Principal Architect/Interior Designer: Ar. Dhwani Shah & ID. Vatsal Solanki
Built-up Area of Project: 2200 sq. ft.
Carpet Area of Project: 1832.2 sq. ft. (ground floor + 1st + 2nd floor)
Photography Credits: Tejas Shah