A small penthouse with two terraces that invite you to “Dolce Far Niente”

06 Jun 2024

Brakara Studio exposes this 55 square meter apartment to good weather and natural light.

Barcelona interior designer, Brákara Studio, proudly unveils the spectacular refurbishment of this penthouse, located in an old residential building that goes largely unnoticed among the imposing tall office buildings of Zona Fira in L'Hospitalet (Barcelona).

The transformation of this flat, with a surface area of 55 m2, plus 64 m2 of terraces, introduces radical change thanks to a well-studied interior design, which includes a new layout and furniture custom-designed by Brákara Studio itself.

Before the renovation, the walls of the living room, painted in a deep blue, dwarfed the room and made it unwelcoming. The kitchen was separated from the rest of the day area in a very narrow space. The previous owners lived with their backs to the two terraces, totalling more than 30 m2, which were relegated at best to hanging out the washing.

Now, the house stands out for the natural light in all its new rooms: entrance hall, day area with dining room, kitchen, and living room in the same room, an office, a double bedroom, and a bathroom. Additionally, its two terraces open up to the good weather and offer two distinct spaces: one more social, with a comfortable dining room and lounge area; the other more private, with an idyllic relaxation area featuring a Balinese bed and outdoor shower.

Open to light and the outdoors

As soon as you open the doors of the flat, natural light floods the interior. Separating the entrance hall from the rest of the day area is a custom-made piece of white furniture with a wooden top, topped off by a half-height glass partition framed by horizontal white rectangles.

As there are no doors, the circulation in the foyer is an open layout, with the day area on one side, and the office on the other.

The work area is located in what used to be the narrow kitchen. The office desk, in natural wood, is recessed into what appears to be a plain white wall but, in reality, camouflages several cupboards as an excellent storage solution.

Aesthetic harmony of the day area

The aesthetic harmony of the day area is nourished by the chromaticism of the white and wood furniture, with contrasts in black and subtle touches of colour, such as the blue upholstered sofa.

The kitchen island is the epicentre around which the rest of the spaces are articulated. The uniformity of the kitchen furniture in pristine white, along with that of the rest of the living room, generates a welcoming atmosphere and sensation of spaciousness.

On both sides, the day area has large windows that provide access to the two penthouse terraces.

Two spectacular terraces for different moments

The transformation of the terraces has been spectacular. Brákara Studio has created an oasis in the heart of the city, with wooden slatted paving, white stones, artificial grass combined with abundant natural plants, and rattan and natural cane furniture.

The kitchen provides access to the more social terrace, with natural wood complementing a comfortable seating area featuring an outdoor sofa and coffee table. The terrace is designed to entertain guests and enjoy good weather. At the opposite end, next to the lounge area, you can access to the more private outdoor area. The space is equipped with a spectacular Balinese bed and shower, an intimate space ideally suited to disconnecting and relaxation. It's a corner that invites you to 'Dolce far niente' or, in other words, to dedicate yourself to doing nothing.


Bedroom and bathroom in white

The bedroom, with direct access to the terrace, is highlighted by its custom-designed white furniture. The bed is inserted in the wall, with three white shelves above it that serve as a headboard. Decorative elements such as paintings, natural plants, and the iconic Santa & Cole basket lamp, designed by Miguel Milà, truly stand out, with warmth provided by cushion fabrics in shades of grey and volcanic stone (Gancedo).

The commitment to pristine white harmony extends into the bathroom, where wooden furniture adds warmth. The square geometry of the wall tiles is complemented by the effect of movement generated by a round, backlit mirror.

A penthouse converted into an oasis in the heart of the city

Brákara Studio has masterfully transformed a dull flat into an urban oasis in the heart of the city's business district. Its two terraces, one social and one private, are a privilege for its owners, as is the comfortable and bright refurbishment of all of its rooms.

Technical sheet

  • Interior design: Brakara Studio
  • Photographs: Jordi Folch
  • Living room sofa and kitchen stools: Kave home
  • Lamp: Santa & Cole 
  • Coffee table: Habitat
  • Rug: Zara Home
  • Cushions: Gancedo
  • Atrezzo: H&M Home
  • Kitchen lamp: Aromas del Campo