AlUla Design Award celebrates the Year of the Camel with a special edition

23 Feb 2024

Calling designers to craft camel covers inspired by AlUla

Arts AlUla Photo credit: Arts AlUla

The AlUla Design Award launches its first Special Edition, AlAjilah, coinciding with Saudi Arabia’s cultural Year of the Camel.

Submissions are now open until February 28, 2024

Arts AlUla announces the launch of the AlAjilah Special Edition of the AlUla Design Award, perfectly timed to honour the Year of the Camel in Saudi Arabia. This unique design competition invites talented designers from around the world to reimagine a cultural symbol of nomadic life and resilience—the camel cover.

An open call to design and craft camel covers inspired by AlUla, the special edition aims to celebrate the fusion of heritage and modern aesthetics. Winners will be unveiled through an exhibition during the AlUla Camel Cup in April 2024.

The Award opened for submissions starting December 20, 2023, and will close by February 28, 2024, offering participants a window to explore AlUla’s history, culture, and natural beauty, while crafting their unique interpretations. The winning designs will be unveiled during the highly anticipated Camel Cup from April 24 to 27, 2024.

"The AlUla Design Award Special Edition AlAjila reflects our commitment to weaving a cultural tapestry through creative initiatives. This fusion of heritage and aesthetics seeks designs that breathe new life into old techniques, capturing the essence of AlUla's vibrant past, while pushing the boundaries of modern designs," shared Nora Aldabal, Executive Director of Arts AlUla. "From breathtaking landscapes and rock-hewn monuments to the rich traditions, AlUla offers a boundless canvas for inspiration.”

Why AlUla?

AlUla tells the complex story of human settlement and civilization through art and design. It ranges from prehistoric architecture upon the volcanic fields that continue to compel and confound archaeologists, the exquisite sculpture of ancient Arabian tribes who made AlUla their capital, the monumental Nabataean tombs carved out of sandstone mountains and decorated with intricate symbols inspired by Italian Egyptian and Greek cultures; and the mud-brick labyrinth to AlUla Old Town adorned with the artwork of its inhabitants.