Canada : An Unusual Library for College Trinite

14 Jan 2021

Located at the foot of Mont Saint-Bruno, Canada, the College Trinite wanted to modify its library with the ambition of going beyond the known institutional framework.

The library has taken on the appearance of a large unifying room with space flexibility giving students several usage possibilities by the combination of different areas and varied furnishing. The premises have been designed to respond to new trends in teaching pedagogy. The new layout fosters research and study but is also an environment suitable for teamwork, collaboration, and relaxation.

Lounge section, Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet

The entrance is a quieter space where favorite books are accessible from a large and low library integrated with plants. Suspended acoustic panels reminiscent of the topography of Mont Saint-Bruno create a division towards the formal collaborative zone. On the other side of the central wall, we discover a completely different space leading to more relaxed work where discussion and exchanges are encouraged.

Two glass rooms are erected on either side of the space. One serves as a conference room while the other with its eclectic and colorful seating serves as a creative space. In the center, we find the student lounge, also acting as a co-working place.


The green zone adjacent to the curtain wall remains the signature touch of the premises. This inspiring space appeals to biophilia and contemplation practices. The wooden furniture and the hanging cocoon seats echo the surrounding nature. 

Overview / Green zone with Hanging cocoon seats, Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet


Technical description

  • Official name of the project: Collège Trinité / Library
  • Location: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
  • Project end date: Summer 2019
  • Area: 5400sf
  • Customer: Collège Trinité
  • Project manager: Cynthia Papineau
  • Collaborator: Nicola Tardif-Bourdages
  • Graphic interventions: Francois Leandre 
  • Photograph: Maxime Brouillet


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