JI Hotel 5.0 version Shanghai, China Vermilion Zhou Design Group

21 Mar 2024

Endlessly memorable, artistically vague, and carefree in its charm, the lingering sweetness and endless aftertaste.

Vermilion Zhou Design Group introduces the JI Hotel 5.0 version, evolving from its 3.0 design to the present, enduring the test of time for over a decade, and breaking through 2000 outlets and welcoming over 60 million guests annually. With robust confidence, the firm has accompanied the progress of business travel, transitioning from optional to essential, from low to high frequency, and from planned to spontaneous. In the new Ji Hotel 5.0, the theme no longer 'emphasizes', but rather relaxes and leaves space, ensuring that everything is more natural and inherently suitable.

JI Hotel 5.0 Version

Sense / Artistic Conception

Subtle adjustments in taste aim to enrich the artistic mood and a relaxed emotional state.

The hotel lobby blurred the boundaries of space functions. One of the symbols of the hotel brand, the welcoming pine, still stands, exuding a misty and artistic charm.

The new version features an innovative tea bar area, which replaces the function of the hotel bar, tightly integrates hospitality with the hotel's own tea culture and adds a retail function for hotel brand merchandise. This has become a new signature of the new Ji Hotel version. The tea bar area, where the fragrance of tea overflows, offers novelty and sincerity to refresh travellers from fatigue and restlessness.

Responsibility / Sustainability

A sincere heart accompanies the firm on every future journey and bears a significant responsibility for sustainable future development.

The breakfast area, visually akin to Ji Hotel's signature white rice porridge, gently soothes every traveller's "Chinese appetite" with its fragrance, offering an experience that supports agricultural excellence.

The intelligent dimming system modulates lighting scenes, saving energy and reducing carbon. 

The entire hotel's decoration considers factors such as replication, construction efficiency, environmental protection, and practice of genuine modular assembly in its real sense, meticulously combining aesthetics and technology. From the on-site construction phase, maximize reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption.

Non-stop Perfection

Endless goodwill and the ultimate beautiful experience, seamlessly blending atmosphere and feeling, leaving a lasting impression.

The innovative "Tea Space" is designed to provide a private boundary at just the proper distance within social and leisure contexts, fostering a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

In the rapidly changing modern world, the uncertainty of tomorrow has accelerated people's feelings of tension and anxiety about life. Hotels, as service bodies of "Hospitality" spaces, have long transcended mere accommodation. With the diversification of hospitality and the variety of hotels showcased in the market, the abundance is like a flourish of flowers, but it also generates new anxieties for travellers. Personalization may be a product of meeting the generation's trends, but in the choice between change and constancy, scrutinizing the "essence" of things has always been the direction and focus of Vermilion Zhou Design Group.


Technical sheet

Completion date: December 2023

Interior Design Team

  • Creative Director: Kuang Ming(Ray) Chou
  • Concept Design: Ting Ho
  • Interior Design: Garvin Hung, Jing Zhao, Xiaobo Yi, Lida Lin, Xinze Li, Xuyan Jiang, Bin Lv,  Weilong Tu, Yuxuan Li, Changsong Li, Mingrui Gao, Bo Liu, Lanyun Qiao
  • Lighting Design: Vera Chu, Chia Huang Liao
    FF&E Design: Ruiping He, Qikai Zhang
  • Artist: Xi Pan 


  • Content Planning and Writing: Vermilion Zhou
  • Filmed and Film Edited: Vermilion Zhou
  • Photos: Jian Quan Wu