Strang design completes modernist home with Brazilian twist

17 May 2023

The firm's latest residence showcases its unwavering dedication to 'environmental modernism' while perfectly reflecting the clients' cultural heritage and way of life.

Photo credit: Kris Tamburello

Strang Design's exceptional skills in creating an environmentally conscious home with stunning architecture and interior design were on full display in their project for a family of four from Brazil. The team paid careful attention to the client's desires and way of life, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects their cultural heritage.

One of the primary design goals was to ensure that the home had a sense of connectivity, despite its size. Strang Design achieved this by creating comfortable spaces that were ideal for gathering, yet still allowed for individual activities. The use of vintage, one-of-a-kind furniture that reflected the clients' cultural background added a unique touch to the design.

Photo credit: Kris Tamburello

A significant challenge for the team was sourcing materials that met the clients' needs, while also being environmentally friendly. Strang Design rose to the challenge, using unfilled Travertine for both the interior and exterior flooring and teak-slatted ceilings and walls for texture and warmth. They also incorporated strong natural materials like rough-cut Jerusalem tiles for the exterior walls, exposed board form concrete, and teak millwork accents throughout the home.

In addition to their focus on natural materials, Strang Design paid close attention to the landscaping, working with landscape architecture studio La Casona Garden. Together, they sourced many native species and designated a portion of the property as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

The residence features a stunning selection of material choices and brands for the interiors, including Mia Cucina for the kitchen design; Opustone for the stone materials; Apparatus Light Fixtures; top-of-the-line appliances from Subzero and Wolf, as well as AV solutions from AVX. These brands were carefully selected to complement the overall design and meet the client's needs and desires.


  • Architecture + Interior Design: Strang Design
  • Landscape Consultant: La Casona Garden
  • Structural Engineers: Francisco Cuello Jr,
  • MEP: Henry Vidal & Associates, Inc
  • Civil Engineer: Jorge G. Maldonado
  • General Contractor: Contemporary Builders, Inc.