Studio d’Armes presents Consors New York, United States

15 May 2024

An ode to creative synergy

Doppler Pendant Photo credit: Florian Martin for d'Armes

As a testament to the power of creative synergy, Studio d’Armes unveils two exclusive lighting collections with Consors at the 2024 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Known for its singular approach to high-end lighting design and crafting, d’Armes partners with up-and-coming talents such as furniture designer Will Choui and product designer Florian Martin. In mesmerizing shades of blue, each piece celebrates the harmonious fusion of form and function, captivates the senses, and elevates the aesthetic discourse. The event will be held at the New York City Javits Center, May 19-21, 2024.

Addressing d’Armes’ vision and motivation, Head Designer, Alexandre Joncas, said, “Through collaboration, we uplift emerging talents and optimize expertise in lighting design. Our focus on authentic design reflects our core values and drives our efforts. Sharing our visions and enjoying creating together, that's what Consors is all about a mindset that enables innovation in design.

The inaugural collection, Doppler, channels the Doppler effect and reveals artwork that embodies the very essence of water: a brilliant shine associated with fluidity and surprising light reflections. Over several months of communication and knowledge transfer, artist Florian Martin and d’Armes developed this collection. Whether in the forms of singular or triple pendants, floor lamps, or sconces, each Doppler piece beckons exploration of shape and perspective, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.


The following collection, titled 1979, emerges as a visual ode to raw beauty and simplicity, blending the divergent standards of utilitarian aesthetic and contemporary design into a seamless tapestry. This collaboration resonates with Choui’s distinctive vision for a 21st-century revival of the brutalist architecture movement.

These collections reveal d’Armes’ commitment to innovation, exploration, and sharing while offering a bold glimpse into the future of contemporary design and art. All pieces will be presented at the ICFF feature WANTED.

Doppler and 1979 collections are crafted in the d'Armes workshop in Canada using recyclable aluminium and steel, in partnership with local suppliers. These collections are shipped globally with carbon offsetting measures in place.