Mayan Beach Club

  • Location Goa

  • Services rendered interior and landscape, artwork and fixtures, Bar Table Finish, Exterior Furniture Finishes, Exterior Textured Finish, Interior Design, Interior Textured Furniture Finishes, Interior Textured Wall Finishes

  • Year of completion 2023

  • Client brief The entrance of the Mayan Beach Club serves as an intrigue-creating design element, immersing guests in the allure of ancient civilization. The organic undulated white-washed walls, adorned with sparsely-placed bamboo in an Aztec pattern, creates a visually striking space. As sunlight filters through the bamboo, it casts beautifully dynamic shadows, adding depth and intrigue to the surroundings. The font used for the club's branding evokes a sense of a long-lost tribal ancient world, further enhancing the aura of mystery and adventure.