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10 Exceptional Exhibits from India Design ID 2024

Updated On : 28 Feb 2024

Explore the standout exhibits that redefine design at India Design ID 2024! Immerse in the mind-blowing creativity of India Design, a must-read for design lovers!

India Design ID 2024 - On Paper of Paper Exhibition

I just visited India Design 2024, and let me tell you, it's a whole vibe! From February 15th to 18th, 2024, the NSIC Grounds in New Delhi is buzzing with creativity. This is the 12th edition, and they've cranked up the awesomeness. Seriously, it's even bigger and better this time. The exhibits are mind-blowing – a perfect mix of creativity and innovation. Come and explore some exceptional exhibits at India Design ID 2024!

UNREALISM by Scarlet Splendour

UNREALISM by Scarlet Splendour

Designer Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia

UNREALISM is a 21st-century art form. It immerses the mind into a surreal universe of vibrant colours and fluidity, transcending the constraints of structure. From this collection, one outstanding piece is a Totem pole.

The totem pole is a sculpture that works with the wonderful vibrations that are meant to come to your home. Layer by layer. A conversation piece to reflect on and elevate. In pure natural brass. It can be assembled easily as the pieces rest on a central pole.

Dawn to Dusk Collection by The Wicker Story

DAWN TO DUSK Collection by The Wicker Story


Designer Priyanka Narula

Now, let's talk about The Wicker Story's "DAWN TO DUSK" Collection at India Design ID 2024, where the IMLI BENCH steals the limelight. Designed by the visionary Priyanka Narula, this masterpiece seamlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary elegance.

Inspired by cherished memories and traditional Indian cane weaving techniques, the IMLI BENCH is a sustainable marvel, boasting a fluid design finished with timeless Linseed oil. As one of the standout exhibits, it symbolizes The Wicker Story's commitment to weaving together tradition, innovation, and sustainability in the intricate tapestry of design. As the star of India Design ID 2024, the IMLI BENCH doesn't just stand out; it steals the limelight.

Aayutha Table & Kelir Chair by Magari Furniture

Aayutha Dining Table and Kelir Chair by Magari Furniture

Designer Amitha Madan and Agrim Singhal

Magari Furniture, led by designers Amitha Madan and Agrim Singhal, unveils the Aayutha dining table and Kelir chair – a harmonious fusion of Tamil history and modern design aesthetics.

The Aayutha table pays homage to Mamallapuram's stone-carving art, featuring a low seating design, a polished black slab, and textured granite legs, while brass details add a modern touch. Paired with the Aayutha table, the Kelir low seating chair combines luxury with tradition through woven leather, paper cord backrests, and hidden wheels for easy manoeuvring. It's a collection that redefines tradition for the modern home.

Sanctum and Re-Cast by Material Immaterial Studio

Sanctum and Re-Cast by Material Immaterial studio Rani ki vav

Architect Nitin Barcha

Nitin Barchha, an architect trained at the Academy of Architecture, approaches design through the lens of architectural beauty. He transforms the beauty of materials into art.

Behold the Rani ki vav sculpture – entirely crafted from concrete with seven levels of stairs, sculptural panels, and three stylish pavilions, gracefully defying the earth's pressure. Barchha's creation is not just architecture; it's a symphony of form and function, where concrete becomes a canvas for elegance.

Odis Chair by WRiver

Odis Chair by WRiver

Designed By NineO1 by Morphlab

While visiting Wriver's showroom, I was immediately captivated by the exquisite luxury furniture by the visionary quartet – Sajal Lamba, Kapil Bharti, Sudhir Verma, and Jitender Singh.

One particular piece that caught my eye was the Odis chair, a true masterpiece that transcends conventional design boundaries. Crafted from wood with a sandblasted finish, its open-pore texture added a unique touch. Wriver's commitment to 'Made in India' craftsmanship and innovation was evident, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for contemporary design.

Rasa by Takshni

Rasa by Takshni

Designer Richa Uppal

Takshni, a unique art and design collaborative, started with a vision to redefine art and decor, transcending the ordinary and embracing the essence of nature.

The latest marvel from Takshni is their brass artwork, "rasa," a mesmerizing creation inspired by the vibrant hues of Natyashastra. Specifically drawing from the captivating allure of Shringar, this artwork weaves together the essence of the colour red, captivating the observer with its unique and enchanting charm. Takshni stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, redefining the boundaries of creativity and infusing spaces with a touch of natural brilliance.

The Dreamer by Lladro? Boutique 

The Dreamer by Lladro? Boutique

Designer Laolu; Sculptor Raul Rubio

Step into the enchanting world of Lladro. Boutique at the India Design Fair – a porcelain paradise honing craftsmanship for seven decades. From sculptures to fashion accessories, their universe promises to captivate.

Witness the magic of collaboration in "The Dreamer" sculpture, a fusion of Lladro?'s mastery and Laolu Senbanjo's contemporary Yoruba influences. With each stroke meticulously etched and painted by expert hands, this masterpiece stands as a unique blend of tradition and artistic commitment. Lladro? Boutique at the India Design Fair: where porcelain dreams come to life!

Continuum by Thread Arte

Continuum by Thread Arte

Designer Rahul Jain & Gunjan Arora

Threadarte at the India Design Fair – where textile waste transforms into the unique language of artists Gunjan Arora and Rahul Jain. From coloured yarns to artfully cut fabric, metallic threads, and steel, their craft dances between abstract and figurative wonders, breathing life into the discarded.

"Continuum" is not just art; it's a celebration, a reminder that life unfolds uniquely for each of us. It beckons us to find our dialect, reasons and parallels through the journey. Threadarte's work is a solemn yet empowering reminder: we all have the power to write our prose and sing it too!

Clustered Connections by Sylvn Studios 

Clustered Connections by Sylvn Studios

Designer Bandana Jain, showcased in Ankon Mitra's 'On Paper Of Paper' exhibition

Step into Bandana Jain's world – where art, sustainability, and craftsmanship converge to create designs that not only illuminate spaces but also illuminate the connections that bind us. Corrugated cardboard, burlap, and recycled materials form the studio's vibrant palette. From floor and table lamps to sculptures, relief work, paper tube creations, and furniture pieces, Sylvn Studio's textured products redefine eco-friendly design.

In the enchanting collection 'Clustered Connections,' fabric and buttons engage in a dance of soft folds, symbolizing the unbreakable bonds that weave our societal fabric together. 

Wall Art/Tapestries by Morii Design

Morii Design wall panel

Designer Brinda Dudhat

More than a design studio, Morii Design is a vibrant community spun from the threads of tradition and contemporary vision. Each piece, is a vibrant canvas where history dances with the present, bringing the warmth of heritage into your everyday life. Morii is an amalgamation, a union of two — past and future.

Morii’s hand-embroidered wall art brings storytelling to life through textiles. This 9ft x 5ft artwork bears more than what’s apparent to the eye, inspired by J Swaminathan’s paintings using sujni embroidery. Layers of unique stitching create a one-of-a-kind heirloom that can be cherished for decades.


What an incredible journey at India Design 2024! The exhibits were pure magic – a perfect blend of mind-blowing creativity and cutting-edge innovation. Exploring the exceptional exhibits at India Design ID 2024 was an experience like no other. The vibes, the energy, and the sheer brilliance of the designs left me in awe. It's a testament to the incredible talent and vision showcased by the designers. So, if you're a design enthusiast like me, mark your calendar for the next edition – you won't want to miss it!