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10 trendy office decor tips to make your workspace lively and energetic

Updated On : 04 Apr 2021

Office Decor Tips: Design Dekko writer, Deblina Chatterjee, decodes different office decor themes which are in vogue.

10 trendy office decor tips to make your workspace lively and energetic

Now only our home, but our office space should be a well-decorated and clutter-free space to make us feel comfortable. Because this will enhance our concentration and focus to increase our productivity. So, if you are about to start your own small office, then here are some easy and trendy decor tips to spruce up your office space.

Here are some Office Decor Tips given below-

  • First, bring the nature to the space. According to research, natural elements improve our mental health. So, place plants in different corners of your office to make the air refreshing.
  • Then have a separate electric-free zone where your employees can go and relax for a while and all electronic devices will be restricted to this area. Your staff can spend some time there to reduce their daily work stress and rejuvenate themselves.
  • If you cannot have a separate yoga or exercise room, then have a gamin are. People can play table tennis or other indoor games there. So, they can do some exercises also while playing.
  • Next, bring height adjusting desks for your employees so that they can also have the option to stand while working. Because constantly sitting for 9 hours while working can be highly damaging for the back and overall health. So, with the height adjusting desks, they can both sit and stand while doing the work.
  • Then you have to create an energetic co-working hub. And this can be achieved by a quality range of furniture. Instead of putting a single workstation or desk, you can opt for co-working booths for the employees. These will allow them to work together.
  • Working includes a great amount of brainstorming. So, let your employees do the brainstorming on a grand level for more productivity. Put a large portable whiteboard.
  • Once the furniture part is done, then it’s time to focus on your feature walls. If feature walls are attractive, catchy, and aesthetic, then they can create a great impression on the visitors and take your brand to another level.
  • It’s your company so there should be a portion where you will showcase its story. You can frame some memorable moments from the workspace and hang them on a separate wall and name it company story wall. You can also frame the achievements of your employees to motivate them.
  • Frame your client’s reviews and hang them on a wall to showcase your brand’s success story.
  • If you are looking for a specific theme office décor, then go for the industrial theme. It’s trendy and gives the office space a rugged and edgy look. Pendant lights, crittall windows, upcycled furniture, cork flooring are some of its prime features.

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