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10 unknown benefits of stainless steel tumblers

Updated On : 05 Apr 2024

Do you use stainless steel Coffee tumblers at home? If not then it’s time for you to switch to stainless steel utensils at home, it’s worth considering, as they offer health and environmental benefits.


Do you use stainless steel Coffee tumblers at home? If not then it’s time for you to switch to stainless steel utensils at home, it’s worth considering, as they offer health and environmental benefits. This might sound old, but as always said "Old is Gold" We at India Circus have crafted these objects to blend with contemporary trends, offering a fusion of vintage charm and modern advantages. If you're still not convinced then have a look through our article where we've listed the 10 unknown benefits of stainless steel tumblers.

1. Durable Glasswares:

Durable Glasswares:

It's so obvious that people look for durability in any products they buy, it's what they pay for! Isn't it? Our Stainless steel glass sets are said to be highly durable when compared to any other drinkware. It can withstand drops, bumps, and scratches. They are highly resistant to cracks, breaks, and dents so you need not worry about handling these objects with care. Usually, children and hyperactive school kids may use this drinkware as it is less prone to damage.  

2. Lightweight and Versatile:

Lightweight and Versatile

Are you looking for travel-friendly portable glasses? Our Tumbler glass set is the answer! They are lightweight and portable, these glass tumblers are modified as steel water bottles such that they can be carried to places where activities like hiking, cycling, and camping are carried out, and even for routine purposes i.e., schools, colleges, and workplaces. These objects do not add much weight even though they’re filled with water or any liquid, hence they can be easily carried in bags and backpacks.

3. Ability to retain the Temperature:

Ability to retain the Temperature

Slurping cool drinks in summer and sipping hot coffee in winter is so obvious, that our stainless steel coffee tumbler helps you with the vibe. This metal has thermal retention capacities that maintain the constant temperature of the drink exclusively for you, irrespective of the surroundings.

4. 3R's:

The 3 R’s reduce, recycle, and reuse – the use of environmentally hazardous materials like plastic can be reduced and metals like stainless steel, aluminium, and copper utensils are produced because these metals can be used, crushed, deformed, and moulded according to the purpose. Give your kitchen a new addition with the small steel tumbler from the House of India Circus and steal the show at your home.

5. Shapes for all lifestyles:

Are you a fitness freak? Who drinks more water to stay hydrated? Or else a relaxed person who doesn't require plenty of water. We have jars and mugs with size variations that suit all types of people. Our Stainless steel is moulded and fine-tuned like – Mugs, Glass, Jars, and vessels, for an aesthetic vibe. India Circus has crafted stainless steel coffee tumblers, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, and champagne glasses that resonate with your purpose and mood.

6. Hygienic and sterile

The terms 'Hygiene' and 'Sterile' have different meanings – Hygiene is to maintain the object clean and free from dust particles and stains. Sterile means to have 100% germ-free surroundings i.e., free from disease-causing life forms – bacteria and viruses. Storing water in other glassware for a longer duration may lead to algae formation, while stainless steel glass sets are resistant to the growth of such life forms.

7. They Just taste better:

Your lemonade and beverages are flavour-protected when you store them in stainless steel vessels. They don't react with the contents and nutrient composition present in the drink therefore maintaining the taste of the drink. Have you ever experienced the taste of metal while drinking water in a copper tumbler? Well, that’s due to the release of copper ions into the water due to the process of oxidation. NO such chemical reactions are observed in the case of stainless steel tumblers.

8. Corrosion and rust-resistant

If you have deeply observed stainless steel materials look neat, and free from rust and corrosion. Let's dive deep into the science of stainless steel – this metal is an alloy of other metals like iron, chromium, silicon, boron, and vanadium. Chromium reacts with oxygen in the air to form a protective layer i.e., preventing rust.

9. Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance:

Few materials react with the detergents and soaps while washing, well our stainless steel is inert to such chemical reactions therefore dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Usually when you wash a vessel the salts present in the detergent stay on the surface of the object as white patches even after thorough washing, this can be prevented by rinsing the vessels using hot water. Therefore It is considered a healthier choice for your Kids and a more sustainable option for everyday use.

10. Can be Reused indefinitely:

With all the above points the most important one is the cost-price and trust us, it is cost worthy. Options for stainless glass sets or utensils can last longer compared to other materials because of the metal strength, corrosion-rust proof, crack, and dent resistance. Instead of constantly buying one-time-use cups or bottles, it is a good choice to go for a stainless steel glass set where long-term savings or undeniable.

Capping off with

Stainless steel tumblers have become the go-to option nowadays because of their sleek design and durability. These tumblers are practical and stylish choices for anyone who is looking to enjoy their beverages on the go. Our designer stainless steel tumblers will admire you for their easy maintenance and durability. It can be considered a healthier choice for your babies and a more sustainable option for everyday use. So just relax with a coffee in our designer tumblers and elevate the beauty of your dining space and countertops with our aesthetic glass wares from India Circus with the choices of timeless style kitchen and dining set-ups.

FAQs about the Benefits of Stainless Steel Tumblers

Q1. What is unique about stainless steel?

Stainless steel stands unique for its combination of corrosion resistance, hygiene, aesthetic appearance, recycling properties and versatility making it so compatible and unique from other drinkwares. 

Q2. What are the health benefits of stainless steel?

Stainless steel utensils are Non-toxic and BPA-free metals, which don't react to the food or drink when placed in it. It's nonreactive with acidic and alkaline foods which makes it more safe and hygienic to use for babies or everyone at home.