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5 top color trends of 2024 and how they're influencing interior design

Updated On : 06 May 2024

From natural hues to warm neutrals, 2024 is the best year to experiment with interior design colours and visually upgrade your home's aesthetics.

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Learning about what's in and out in design colour trends is essential for homeowners who want to update their dwellings. It's even crucial for real estate professionals who want to entice potential clients to buy a property that looks modern. In 2024, what shades should you go for when remodelling a home? These five colours are worth exploring when revamping your property.

1. Soft Greens

Shades of green resembling nature have been a repeating theme in recent years because of the increased interest in biophilic design. People were made aware of the upsides of being close to nature. Designers want to bring the innate human-nature connections indoors by integrating nature-inspired colours into their homes. 

Soft greens work great on walls, adding drama to any room it touches. It exudes that forest vibe that's both enchanting and mysterious. However, a splash of colour in planters and accessories elevates the space as much. Green is a soothing and restful colour, an ideal option to infuse tranquillity into the space. 

2. Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz has a velvety peachy tone and it's the Pantone's color of the year. People's first impression is this beaming tone may not suit a modern overhaul. However, it surprisingly works as a soft backdrop and colour decorative to inject liveliness and fun into any room. 

Wrapping it into an entire wall can look overbearing but it works exceptionally for focal points, like a statement table or couch, vases, rugs, tableware and paintings. It's charming, energetic, warm and beautifully represents your desire to nurture yourself and others. It signifies your yearning for connection to those close to you.

3. Stardew

Stardew has grey-blue undertones that feature airy qualities. It's another nature-inspired hue that comes with an array of benefits. Like the sea, it instils instant rejuvenation and calmness in the space. It's considered a cool tone due to the blue base shade, but you can make it warm depending on the tints you pair it with.

It can freshen up your walls or ceilings and blends well with other natural colours, like brown, yellow and orange. However, it's also versatile and can also be used in accessories. 

4. Warm Neutrals

These shades will remain a mainstay in interior design because of their adaptability and the feeling of cosiness and earthiness, qualities most homeowners strive to imbue in their spaces.

Many people have switched to environmentally friendly lighting options to make their homes sustainable, like LEDs. Warm off-whites and buttery tones are among the top picks as they counterbalance the effect of cool LED lighting. They're best applied in curtains, pillows or cushions, sofa slipcovers and decorative items like vases. Reminiscent of the ’90s Tuscan-inspired interior, these stunning hues bleed elegance and sophistication that will transform your abode into an Italian sanctuary. 

5. Browns

From earthy tones and deep chocolates to taupe and cappuccino, remodels for brown shades this 2024 will be all the rage. It's a nod to the ’70s retro style, creating a warm and inviting ambience. Since this colour doesn't stand out, it looks great on furniture, floors and anything with natural wood elements you want to mute to highlight ornaments or frills with brighter hues. 

It's the best alternative to black, which comes off as overpowering. Brown is a natural tone associated with strength and resilience. Using it in your interior creates a sense of security and safety while remaining exciting, comfortable and elegant. 

Transform your home with these top colours in 2024

Are you planning a home makeover but can't decide what colour to choose? Try these top five shades for the perfect and timeless overhaul. Neutrals rarely go out of style and natural tones like green, blue and brown are the pillars of biophilic design. Show your playful side by incorporating peach fuzz. Choose the perfect shades to spruce up your abode.