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7 Latest Interior Design Trends 2024 That Will Redefine Interiors

Updated On : 05 Feb 2024

Dive into the future of design with our blog to the 7 latest interior design trends in 2024. Transform your space, embrace sustainability, and redefine luxury!

Get ready to embark on a design adventure with us as we spill the beans on the latest interior design trends of 2024! Imagine this: a fusion of innovation and sophistication, rewriting the rules of how we define our living spaces. In a world where style is ever-evolving, we're here to guide you through the trends that are set to revolutionize interiors. From one-of-a-kind decor pieces to marble accessories, our handpicked list is your ticket to a home that reflects the trends of tomorrow. Buckle up for a journey that promises inspiration and a fresh perspective on design – it's time to redefine your spaces!

Embracing the warmth of Earthy Brown Tones

wooden side table for sofa

In the realm of interior design trends for 2024, brown will take centre stage, bringing a sense of warmth and cosiness to homes. From chocolate hues, rich terracottas, and deep oranges to earthy brown tones, brown is the go-to colour for creating inviting spaces. Incorporate brown through furniture, decor, and accent walls for a timeless and sophisticated look.

Introduce a touch of warmth to your living space with our exquisite wooden side table. Crafted with precision and style, this versatile piece seamlessly blends with various decor styles. Its rich, chocolate hues make it a perfect companion for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Sustainability and eco-friendly design

bamboo pendant lights

Green living is more than just a trend; it's a lifestyle. In 2024, eco-conscious interior design will be a big YES, enveloping many other trends. Biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and living walls will bring nature indoors, improving well-being, highlighting a connection with nature, and awakening a sense of responsibility toward the environment. Embracing the trend involves including pot plants, choosing furniture made from recycled materials, investing in energy-efficient lighting, and opting for eco-conscious decor to create a stylish and environmentally responsible home.

Our bamboo pendant lights exemplify this ethos. Embrace the eco-friendly trend while adding a touch of natural beauty to your space. These lights not only provide ambient lighting but also serve as captivating statement pieces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Curves - Softening Edges

marble coffee table for living room

Say goodbye to sharp lines and welcome the fluidity of curves. In 2024, interior design is all about softening edges to create a more inviting and contemporary atmosphere. Incorporating curved furniture, arches, and rounded decor pieces introduces a touch of elegance and modern flair to your living spaces. It's crucial to bear in mind that embracing a trend doesn't mean applying it everywhere. For example, if you opt for a curved desk and chairs, ensure there are also elements with straight lines in the room – it's the mix and balance that adds intrigue to a space.

Elevate your living room with our curvy marble coffee table, embracing the fluidity of contemporary design. Its unique marble shape top and legs carved out of solid trunks of wood add a modern touch while softening the overall look of your space. The smooth curves create a harmonious atmosphere, making it a conversation-worthy centrepiece.

One-of-a-kind decor pieces

One-of-a-kind anything. I love to incorporate a piece of artwork my children did when in grade school. –Kathryn M. Ireland

Sculpture showpiece for home decor

Inject personality into your home with one-of-a-kind decor pieces. Unique artworks, handmade crafts, and custom-designed furniture take the spotlight in 2024. Create a space that reflects your individuality and showcases your style by incorporating distinct and meaningful elements.

Infuse a touch of celestial elegance into your home with our angel wings decorative showpiece. This eye-catching accessory captures the essence of ethereal beauty, adding a whimsical and charming element to your decor. This handmade, imported masterpiece, crafted from ultra-premium quality ceramic, exudes elegance and grace. Place it on a shelf, console table, or as a focal point in your living room.

Silver accents add glamour

We think silver will take the lead in 2024—it is powerful, timeless, and versatile, and tows the line between traditional and modern. –Robin Standefer

silver decorative wall mirror

Say goodbye to gold; silver is the metal of choice for interior design trends in 2024. From light fixtures to hardware, silver accents bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to your interiors. Mix and match silver with various textures and colours to create a stunning visual impact that elevates your home decor.

Make a bold statement with our silver decorative mirror. The silver accents effortlessly add a touch of glamour to any room, while the mirror itself enhances the sense of space and light. This piece serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, making it a must-have for your home.

Marble Accessories

marble cheese platter with knife

Marble continues to be a timeless and luxurious choice in interior design. In 2024, incorporate marble accessories such as vases, trays, and countertops to add a touch of opulence to your home. The natural patterns and textures of marble effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of any room.

Enhance your hosting experience with our marble cheese platter. The timeless elegance of marble, coupled with a honeycomb textured and bee-embossed design, makes this accessory a perfect addition to your dining or entertainment area. Showcase your favourite cheeses and appetizers in style, creating an unforgettable culinary presentation. 

Stripes make a bold statement

Stripes—in an over-the-top way, please. I love to see a full-dip striped room, or a striped, tiled shower. It feels traditional and yet modern, and so fresh right now. –Heidi Caillier

peach stripes cotton bedsheet set

Move over ginghams and checkerboard prints—stripes are poised to dominate the design scene, from bed sheets to sofa cushions to wallpaper. Embracing the versatility of stripes, this trend offers a fresh and eye-catching design element for the masses.

Bring the trend of stripes into your bedroom with our stylish peach-coloured cotton bedsheet set. The dynamic pattern not only aligns with the Pantone colour of the year for 2024 but also adds a visually appealing focal point to your sleeping space. Crafted from high-quality fabric, this bedsheet ensures a comfortable and luxurious night's sleep, making it a must-have addition to your bedroom. Stripes are back in style, providing a timeless yet contemporary touch to elevate your home decor.


As we wrap up our journey into the future of design with the 7 Latest Interior Design Trends of 2024, remember this: your home is your canvas, and these trends are the vibrant strokes that will breathe life into your spaces. These trends aren't mere suggestions; they are the whispers of possibility, urging you to turn your surroundings into an artful expression of self. So, let your design choices be strokes of personality, let your furniture narrate tales, and may your home be a gallery of memories yet to be created. Here's to infuse your living spaces with the magic of the extraordinary – because your home should be as exceptional as you are!