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9 PRO home decor tips to make your abode quirky, vibrant & cheerful for Easter

Home Decor Tips: Hop into spring with these tips and tricks to accessorize your space.

9 PRO home decor tips to make your abode quirky, vibrant & cheerful for Easter

Easter or Pascha is a festival or holiday which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Christians refer to the week before Easter as the Holy Week. Bunny Rabbits and egg hunts are an inseparable part of Easter. Every festival requires a lot of arrangement and home decor is also a prime part of it. And there is no exception for Easter as well.

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Here are some unique home decor tips to spruce up your abode for the Easter celebration-

  • To add some colours to your bare walls, you can hang some paper flowers to it. You can also scatter the flowers on your dining table to create a cheerful display.
  • Put some colourful cups for putting the eggs at different corners of your home. You can spruce up the cups with different shades and patterns to showcase your creativity as well.
  • Show your artwork by drawing different patterns on the eggs and put them in one corner to add some vibrancy to your space.
  • Don’t throw the leftover eggshells. Clean and then do some painting on them using different bright colours, shapes and patterns. Then you can use them as candle holders. Put these candle holders on the dining table or in your living room to add some Easter spirit to it.
  • Next, you can add some woven baskets to put colourful flowers on them to make your room pleasant and refreshing. Since it’s spring season, bright flowers on woven baskets will look extraordinary in your space.
  • To take your creativity to the next level, simply paint your eggs with different colours and give some polka dots on them. These polka dots eggs will bring a charm to your Easter celebration.
  • If you want to give your flowers some rustic look, then bring some milk jars and fill them in with your flowers and place them in different rooms. This rustic look will be an extra addition to your Easter decoration.
  • Don’t forget your bookshelves or cabinets while decorating the rest of your house for Easter. Put some decorated eggs on those parts on paper cupcake liners, napkin holders, porcelain stands etc. to jazz up these corners as well.
  • Spruce up the small garden in your abode in Easter as well. Paint the pots with bright shades and patterns and then wrap some embroidery threads on them. Put all these pots together to make them stand out.

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