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Art deco elegance: Discover timeless glamour

Updated On : 31 May 2024

Bold patterns with metallic detailing, luxury, and sophistication characterize the Art Deco style. It’s a style that’s crisp, has a definition of its own, and is unlike any other style.

Bold patterns with metallic detailing, luxury, and sophistication characterize the Art Deco style. It’s a style that’s crisp, has a definition of its own, and is unlike any other style. It portrays the times of the 20s and early 30s in French history, which was a time of modernization, luxury, and lavishness. This decor style has found its presence, not in a full design, but pieces of it have been living on in interior design and home furnishing for ages. This article delves into the world of Art Deco, addressing its luxurious furnishing, iconic patterns, striking rich colours, and the blend of sleek surfaces with opulent upholstery. 

Art Decor Inspired by Luxurious Finishing and Geometric Patterns 

The style characteristically revolves around bold and geometric patterns. It can be found in textiles or wallpapers but any Art Decor-inspired decor room will have it for sure. Some of the most used are zigzag and chevron. These patterns have sharp edges and are bold. They bring a sense of symmetry and cut the overwhelm of bold colours in the space. 

One thing to mention is that the style values meticulous craftsmanship and precious pieces. The furniture is made of rich materials crafted with attention to detail, making the style a beautiful amalgamation of design and sophistication. 

Iconic Art Deco furniture patterns 

Owing to the influence of revolutionary times, the style has striking patterns and forms. 

Chevron and Zigzag: These patterns are the most eye-catching in the art deco-inspired space. The rigid edges and angles create patterns in the frame that exude a strong intent and are striking in nature. These patterns can be found on wall art, cabinets, and even tables. 

Sunburst Motif: It’s the quintessential feature of the design and has a central circular or semicircular sun that has projecting rays. It depicts the hope for a new sun or the change of times. It is seen as a decorative element on the walls, mirrors, or even clocks. 

Streamlined forms were a principle in the era and aimed at creating a modern yet sleek design. The deco has many curved edges and rounded corners that bring harmony to the frame. 

Exotic and Luxurious Materials 

One of the characteristic features of Art Deco is that it had a taste for fine craftsmanship on luxurious materials that added a sense of opulence and sophistication to the design. This decor style effortlessly incorporates extravagance into every piece. Lacquered finishes, especially black lacquered, were just one of the pieces with a glossy finish and a touch of polished hard surface. On the contrary, a comfortable and rich fabric like velvet was also used to add elegance to the space; showing attention to detail in every element. 

Accessories and Decor Elements


The lighting used in this style is a crucial element to make the individual pieces stand out in their utter brilliance. Usually, warm lighting like chandeliers, lanterns, and table lamps were used. These elements were not only functionally important but also served as a statement piece in the frame. 

Mirrors served practical and decorative purposes. Vases, sculptures, clocks, and decorative metal accessories were also crafted with meticulous attention to detail and in line with the colour and art style.

Art Deco style remains a timeless and exciting design. It not only brings to light the views of the time but also the extraordinary glamour. It’s a design that is celebrated for its luxurious furnishings and upholstery, where every element was a centre of attention and every piece served collectively towards the frame to make this style a celebration of uniqueness and richness in style and design. It serves as a great guide to design and a source of inspiration. At India Circus, we value craftsmanship and attention to high-quality material usage in all our products. Shop from India Circus to create your form of Art Deco-inspired space. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Art Deco timeless?

Yes, the Art Deco style is known for its timeless elegance and bold geometric shapes.

What is Art Deco glam?

Art Deco Design is an iconic and glamorous style that originated in the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by its bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and symmetrical patterns. 

Why is Art Deco unique?

Art Deco design represented modernism turned into fashion.