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Bring home the colors india circus and make Holi special!

Updated On : 26 Mar 2024

India Circus, a brand synonymous with Bold, Vibrant and Vivid Colors, adds colors which melodiously blends into every corner of your home. This Holi season bring home the color, the joy, the fulness of India Circus to your rustic residence.

India Circus, a brand synonymous with Bold, Vibrant and Vivid Colors, adds colours which melodiously blend into every corner of your home. This Holi season brings home the colour, the joy, and the fulness of India Circus to your rustic residence.

Holi is the festival of colour, commemorating the return of spring after a long and cold winter. The brightness brought along with the commencement of spring is truly a reflection of how colours triumph over every monotonous season. India Circus brings you a range of elegant, sophisticated yet soulful Indian products that become an eternal part of your celebration.

Come check out the range of products you can use for your Holi celebrations.

Jugs and Tumblers

With their timeless presence, Jugs make an appeal to everyone and with their prominent use in festivals like Holi they are everyone’s first choice. Jugs from India Circus can make your serving table look aesthetic, fill them with juices and Thandais and serve with style. Mughal Jhali, Floral Galore and Signature Windows, surely bring an elegant essence to your serving table. With a varied range of Tumblers to choose from, India Circus promises to bring a splash of Holi everywhere.


Serve your Gujhiyas and Shakkar-pare in the most exotic styles of platters from India Circus. With amazing and ecstatic styles to choose from, these platters make an essential part of your festival celebration. The serving bowls keep your dry fruits and snacks for Holi celebrations and the vibrant colours match every vibe!

Dinner Set

What can we talk about India Circus dinner sets? They are most talked about, highly praised by everyone and are the most elegant dinner set. The Dinner sets are made with the highest quality porcelain and designed while keeping nature and colours in mind. The coolest part about these dinner sets is that they blend effortlessly yet manage to gather praise from whoever is having a bite.

Decor Plates

The Newest addition to the India Circus product family is the new Decor Plates, they are filled with drama, colours, vibrancy and playfulness that are truly a reflection of how colours and India Circus are parallel. The Mathuras Mischief is surely a reflection of Vrindavan Holi and the Sarus in the Lake is filled with loads of melodious depictions.

Floor Covering

Now we know that keeping your home clean is a hassle during the festive season, the Holi colours on the floor, the dripping wet clothes, loads of colours. All of this will surely lead to a lot of wet and dirty floors! We have got you covered, pun intended. Floor Coverings from India Circus are just a timeless essential which keeps your house clean and India Circus brings the most eclectic and vibrant floor coverings! Buy them Now

Holi is a festival of colours and lots of fun, celebrating it with style and fashion just adds more love to your own home. Shop now at India Circus and get the colours of Holi for your home and celebrate with style. 

Team India Circus wishes you and your family a very Happy and Safe Holi