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Create a festive look for your home with the right kind of lighting - Design21

Updated On : 29 Oct 2021

A simple area can get a touch of grandiose and glam with just the right lighting fixtures. Light up your homes with style as you welcome Diwali festivities into your home.

The most impulsive thing to do once you enter any room is to turn on the light. Light holds a lot of importance in how a space is perceived. Only lighting has the ability to breathe life into every nook and cranny of your home. It is hence vital to have some gorgeous lighting fixtures while inviting this festive season into our homes. The post-pandemic world has increased the number of activities performed in a home. It needs to act as an entertainment space, a home, an office and in many cases even a school. According to Ar. Amit Gulati, it becomes requisite to have different and effective lighting that helps in performing all these tasks productively. Join us as we draw inspiration from these Light decorations to brighten your home this Diwali.

  • Living room lighting


This becomes the primary entertaining space, hence setting the mood & vibe for the whole home. High ceiling living rooms have the ability to support grand chandeliers or even contemporary chandeliers. But, in living rooms with lower ceiling levels, modest and more abstract looking lighting structures have a larger impact. Pendant lights on the other hand give a warm glow, that makes the room seem extremely welcoming and comfortable

  • Liven up the dining


Lighting can impact the quality and quantity of conversations that flow through the course of a meal. It also has the added responsibility of appropriately lighting the food on the table. In the dining space, wall mounted lighting or warm lighting from the ceiling both add an undeniable charm and mellow warmth. According to Ar. Nikita Pathak, the lighting in the dining needs to be around 200 lux, as this is quintessential to perform all the tasks in the dining area.

  • Well lit passageways


Passageways tend to become more dimly lit, simply because the number of activities performed there is limited. Using pretty pendant lights, or ceiling lights aid in flaunting the charm of the passageway. Both of these lighting types give the perspective of enlarging the narrow area. In addition, if there is a foyer, Chinese lanterns or electric lamps can play the same role. In a passageway, one must rarely opt for floor lamps or any lamp that occupies floor space, according to the principal architects at Design21. The stairway and passageways need to have a lux of between 100-500. This is precisely why the festivity of the home needs to engulf this space as well.

  • Brighten the bedroom


The bedroom is one space where one can play with different kinds of lighting. Many activities happen here, hence it needs to support different kinds of lighting. There need to be lamps, pendant lights and even ceiling lights. Each type of lighting becomes paramount for the multiple tasks performed here.

  • Liven the outdoors


During Diwali, the balcony gets a lot of attention. The easy solution is using a set of string LED lights to share the festivity with the onlookers. There are, however, many other ways one can lighten up the outdoors. Fairy lights, mason jar lights, electric diyas and lanterns are some contemporary and stylish options. Hanging lanterns with the use of bulbs also add a special feature to the open area.

Lighting has the ability to bring a lot of interesting features to a room. Artistically designed lighting can make a dull room seem opulent and lush. Mixing and matching different styles of lighting in the same space can also work wonders. A simple area can get a touch of grandiose and glam with just the right lighting fixtures. Light up your homes with style as you welcome Diwali festivities into your home.