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Mumbai Homes : CoCreated With Godrej U&Us Home Design Studio!

Take a look at the U&Us home tour to see how a 2BHK in Juhu has been transformed into a dream house

Mumbai Homes : CoCreated With Godrej U&Us Home Design Studio!

We all have our dream house in mind and always wish to make it come true. So, U&Us Home interiors turn our dreams into reality by designing fabulous homes as per our requirement. Just like last year, they did an awesome transformation on a 2BHK apartment at Juhu, Mumbai and gave the home a chic modern and contemporary look. Check, what does the couple think about it?

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The couple finds the interior very lively and peaceful. They really enjoy being at their abode which provides a modern and contemporary look. The accent wall of the living room has been spruced up by a monochromatic colour palette. Grey coloured couch and white furniture have been finely complemented with the accent wall. To complete the look, they have opted for grey-coloured curtains with white hanging shelves on the accent wall.

One room has a grey-coloured accent wall with subtle designs on it with leaves. It is well complemented with purple and black coloured curtains as the bed is of deep navy blue colour. Two large mirrors on each side of the bed above the bedside tables make the room look spacious creating illusions in the space.

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The other room has a large catchy black headboard with pendant lights on both sides. The accent wall is of off-white colour with designs with black shade on it. The look is finally done with grey-coloured cushions and white bedside tables on both sides of it. And white and black curtains enhance the overall look providing some more grandeur to it. The black coloured large cupboard with mirrors on it looks gorgeous in this space.

The modular kitchen is well designed with beige and brown shades with white walls. The kitchen gets enough sunlight which makes this area bright.

One of the catchiest furniture pieces in their home are the deep navy blue coloured cupboard and black coloured small wardrobe. The dining area is adorned with white and beige shades with a large mirror in the space which acts as the accent piece.

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So, Godrej U&Us Home Interiors did a great job to make this abode look elegant with a modern and contemporary look. If you also have some dreams about your abode, come and consult U&US and create your dream home.