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Peach Fuzz in home decor

Updated On : 27 Dec 2023

Introducing soft and cosy PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz into home interiors creates a welcoming ambience. Promoting feelings of gentle warmth whether appearing on a painted wall, in home décor or acting as an accent within a pattern.

Artwork by Shruti Vij

Colour consultant Pantone has unveiled Peach Fuzz as its Colour of the year 2024. The company describes that tone – officially named Pantone 13-1023 — as “a heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration.”

Not quite as pink-leaning as coral, peach is a pastel version of orange and reflects the shift toward warmth and colour in interiors we have been seeing in the last couple of years in the home fashion industry. A warm and cosy shade highlighting our desire for togetherness with others or for enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary this creates presents a fresh approach to a new softness.

Transforming Interiors with Peach Fuzz

Relating to interiors, Pantone recommends using the hue on a wall or surface to create a welcoming atmosphere, or to act as an accent within patterns. Overall, this nurturing tone invites us to seek comfort and reimagine our future as we get ready to ring in 2024. Peach Fuzz sets a welcoming tone when brought into the home, whether through the subtle nod of a throw pillow or a more prominent accent chair.  The cosy shade also lends a soothing ambience to home interiors. It fosters a feeling of tranquillity and provides spaces for relaxation, whether on a painted wall, in decor or as patterns and accents.

Peach Fuzz introduces a sense of softness and cosiness in home decor. Whether it adorns a wall or infuses its warmth into home accessories, this peach hue transforms spaces into comforting havens. With such a versatile colour, there’s no shortage of ways to design with peach-coloured fabrics. Its versatile nature allows it to be paired with a wide range of colours, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to any interior.

As a colour for interior design and decor, Peach Fuzz pairs well with neutrals like creamy whites and even some beige tones. It is natural with wicker, rattan, and bamboo pieces as well as grass rugs like sisal and jute. And, of course, it is nicely accented with greens or blues from the opposite side of the colour wheel. But it also works well with closer hues of pink and lavender.