Design Thinking

Rethinking workspaces with minimalism

Creating a minimalistic workspace which exhibits character and warmth is a craft. Quirk Studio tells you how to do it

By getting us to focus on things that matter, minimalism has entwined itself around our lives. Connoting ‘less is more’, it is being embraced by artists and designers of every genre and has also been making its way into the architecture and interior design industry. It can be inferred that minimalism denotes far more than what meets the eye. When designing a space, minimalistic designs are more often than not, adopted because of their visual and aesthetical appeal, however when designing a workspace, it also becomes a conscious business choice. 

A workspace with minimalistic interiors can create a zen-like experience for its employees — leading to increased productivity which then explains the sudden shift towards this interior design style.

Crafting with minimalism
However, one needs a strategic approach and clear vision to craft a minimalistic space as it can easily end up looking cold and uninviting. It is important to create a space that is devoid of unnecessary elements, yet, exhibiting character and warmth. 

Colour plays an important role in designing a minimalistic space as it can easily add a cheery vibe to the place. Soft hues that are soothing to the eyes and are known to create a cosy atmosphere. Bare walls in white, grey and earthy tones look refreshing and when decorated with minimal artwork can make the space appear edgy. 

Furniture also plays a key role when designing a minimalistic space. Simple furniture with the right detailing that blends in with the theme without drawing away much attention can work well. Shapes, sheer curtains and natural light are considered accessories on their own when fabricating such spaces. Sharp lines, boxy structures and natural light can also augment a minimalistic space. The idea is to create a space that is balanced with clean and clear lines along with the right colour palette creating an atmosphere that brims with positivity. 

In order to move away from clunky organisational structures and to create an effective and aesthetically appealing workplace, de-cluttering is an important step. Building seamless storage units to withhold everyday essentials can help de-clutter and drive focus towards the essence of the interiors while also simplifying the user experience. Therefore, when crafted meticulously, a minimalistic work space can turn out to be peaceful, stress-free and calming, leading to better productivity. 

The authors of this piece are Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, Principal Designers and Co-Founders, Quirk Studio. Quirk Studio is an avant-garde interior design firm in Mumbai.