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Revamp your living room decor with 10 budget-friendly ideas for decorating

Updated On : 11 Jun 2024

If the house is the body, then the living room is its heart. It is equally important to have a chic and charming living room, where every piece tells a different story. It is the place where family usually tend to spend their time together.

If the house is the body, then the living room is its heart. It is equally important to have a chic and charming living room, where every piece tells a different story. It is the place where family usually tend to spend their time together. The living room shouldn't be chaos, it should be the one where we can forget all our chaos.

But, Have you ever wondered how to give a new life to your boring living room, but worried about the budget? Having a creative and functional living room is not a Himalayan task. All you need is proper planning.  Let us explore a few simple budget-friendly living room decorating ideas together. Let every detail of the living room tell tales of your laughter, relaxation, and beautiful moments. 

10 Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas Under Simple Budget

Everyone wants an attractive living room. But often stuck with the question "How?". Well, with these 10 budget-friendly decorating ideas, transform your living room, into a wonderful paradise, where every piece is a wonder. 

1. Snuggle up with a cosy cushion

A sofa is the most used piece of furniture in the living room. Give colours to your boring sofa with matching sofa throws and comfy cushions. Choose cushions of different shapes and sizes to decorate the sofa for an extra punch of cosiness. Colour up your cushions with vibrant cushion covers that are both elegant and give your living room a classy look. Rearranging the sofa position and adding matching centrepieces can also create wonders. 

2. Creative living room wall decor

Wall decors never go out of style. Walls are the best canvas to display your creativity. There are so many creative living room wall decor ideas under budget. Creating an art gallery with simple but chic and classic wall decor can do wonders. Be it an array of photo frames of the family members, extraordinary pieces of wall art, or even wall mirrors and wall plates everything can make your living room from 1 to 10.  You can also make things a bit more creative with DIY wall art.

3. Light up the aesthetics

Lighting is everything! Having good lighting can completely transform the scene from ordinary to extraordinary. Placing proper lamps and warm lights will amp up your living space.  Bring home the aesthetics of lighting with a classic table lamp and lanterns.

4. Wrap the windows with love

Another interesting decor to look at is the curtain drapes. Be it sheer light weighted curtains, or curtains with heavy fabrics, both can change the total ambience of the living room depending upon the weather. Make sure to get the curtains that match the tone of your living room. 

5. Organise your living room

One of the simplest but most underrated living room decor ideas under a simple budget is a good storage pouffe. The living room is the place where you usually stock up your magazines, newspapers, and other articles. So it is always important to get an organizer where you can arrange all these. Wait it’s not just that. Have ever thought of a two-in-one storage box that can act both as a sitting and an organizer? Go for it, to create a superficial impact to indulge in the depth of warmth and comfort. Also, try getting a great storage space with drawers to keep things

6. Floral floors

One thing we always miss out on while decorating the living room is the floor. Floors can also be a trendsetter. Get yourself some classy floor drapes that match the overall theme of your living room to create an effect of luxury. These floor rugs can be purchased under your simple budget. Also get some floor mats to trap the dirt, because who wants their home to be dirty?

7. Style up your coffee table

The coffee table is an integral part of your living room. It is important to have a good coffee table that looks cosy and elegant at the same time. Place magazines on the coffee table for the guest to flip, while they are waiting for your tasty cup of coffee. You can also decorate these coffee tables with some cute little decor. 

8. Mix and Match vibes

The living room is the space where you can experiment with maximum creativity. Play with colours, mix and match with decors to create a wonderful visual treat. Let your creativity under budget revamp your living room. 

9. Old is Gold

One of the best budget-friendly decorating ideas is giving new life to your old furniture. Transforming your old furniture not only saves your pocket but also helps in maintaining the legacy of your ancestors. Recovering the old sofas and armchairs to bring elegance to your living room under budget.

10. Welcome greens

The living room is the place where the peace begins. Having some fresh indoor plants inside is the best budget-friendly way of changing the overall look of your living room. So invite some greens and beautify your home.


Styling up your living room is never expensive if you have proper planning. Don't mess up things by stuffing so many decors. Keep it minimal to have a classic touch. Try out this budget-friendly living room decorating idea and make your living room the happy and cosy spot of your house. Let your family get-togethers be special in your loving living room.

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How to decorate a living room on a budget?

Decorating the living room can be made simple and effective with a few statement decor. With striking pieces of artwork, sofa drapes, floor rugs, and vibrant decors, you can have a simple but classy living room. You can also look for DIY artwork.

How to decorate a small living room simply?

Keep things as minimal as possible. Don’t stuff up things. Rearrange furniture to change the look. Add house plants for greenery inside your room

How to decorate a living room wall?

Walls are the best space to showcase your creativity. Look for some catchy wall art, mirror works, and wall-of-family pictures to create an everlasting memory.