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Styling a bookshelf like Twinkle Khanna - Celebrity Homes

Updated On : 02 Apr 2024

Transform your bookshelf into a literary red carpet with Twinkle Khanna's A-list style. Elevate your personal library into a realm of celebrity homes!

Styling up your bookshelf like Twinkle Khanna – where every book becomes a star in its own story, and your shelves become a red carpet of literary glamour in the realm of celebrity homes! For all the book lovers out there, your library is not just a collection of pages but a reflection of your soul. Let's embark on a journey where literary treasures meet A-list aesthetics – it's time to style your bookshelf like none other than Bollywood's own Twinkle Khanna!

Step 1: Clear the Canvas

Start with a clean slate by removing all items from your bookshelf. This will allow you to visualize the space and work with a blank canvas. A fresh start sets the stage for a stunning display.

Step 2: Place Bookends

decorative showpiece for bookshelf

Place a pair of stylish bookends at each end of the shelf. Opt for designs that complement your chosen theme. OR you can add candles and artifacts as bookends to create a cohesive look. Experiment with different heights and textures to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Step 3: Play with Colors

Group books in blocks of colour to create a visually pleasing arrangement. Some appealing colour combinations – think rich blues and vibrant yellows, or calming pastels for a serene vibe.

Step 4: Layering with Books

 photo frames

Arrange your books both vertically and horizontally to create visual interest. Intersperse decorative objects like photo frames and small planters between the books. This adds depth and breaks up the monotony.

Step 5: Add Dimension with Vases

ceramic vase for flowers

Incorporate a few eye-catching ceramic vases at different heights. These versatile pieces can hold flowers, and dried branches, or simply stand alone as exquisite sculptures. Choose shapes and colours that complement your overall design.

Step 6: Top It Off

ceramic figurines

Follow Twinkle's lead by placing stylish items atop your book stacks. Small plants, figurines, or a chic clock add that extra layer of interest that defines celebrity-level decor.

Step 7: Soften with Greenery

Introduce plants and flowers to soften the edges of your bookshelf. Choose a mix of tall and trailing plants to add a touch of nature to your display. Our stylish planters and faux botanicals add a refreshing element. Consider placing them at various intervals to balance the visual appeal.

Step 8: Tuck in Baskets

storage baskets

For a cosy, organized look, tuck in woven baskets. Assign different baskets for specific purposes or themes. For instance, one basket could be designated for office supplies, another for tech gadgets, and another for miscellaneous items. This makes it easier to find what you need. Opt for neutral tones or vibrant hues to match your theme.

Step 9: Step Back and Admire

Take a moment to step back and admire your beautifully styled bookshelf. Make minor adjustments if needed, ensuring a harmonious balance of colours, shapes, and textures.

Step 10: Add Wall Art

Wall Art

Complete your transformation by adding wall art that complements your styled bookshelf. Channel Twinkle Khanna's eclectic taste by selecting pieces that resonate with the overall theme, tying together the room with a touch of celebrity sophistication.


Transforming your bookshelf into a work of art a la Twinkle Khanna is simpler than you think. Follow these steps, infuse your personality, and soon you'll have a bookshelf that not only showcases your literary treasures but also exudes celebrity-worthy style. Remember, your home is your red carpet haven.