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Tips for creating stunning library nooks and bookshelves that you'll love

Updated On : 16 Oct 2023

You might be an avid book reader or someone who often receives books as gifts. No matter the kind of relationship you share with books, you will find racks of books stacked up in a box in a corner. Don’t you think you can adorn your bookcase or bookshelves and add a warm touch to your living space?

You might be an avid book reader or someone who often receives books as gifts. No matter the kind of relationship you share with books, you will find racks of books stacked up in a box in a corner. Don't you think you can adorn your bookcase or bookshelves and add a warm touch to your living space? Yes. They indeed can.

But be that as it may, bookshelves in general may have a lackadaisical appearance. Over time, they can get piled up ruining the vibe you try to pull off. To overcome this, you have to add colour and life to your nook and bookshelves. A quick revamp is all your study corner needs to tempt you to read every day and escape from the digital realm.

Use this article as a guide to a modern bookshelf design and remodel your nook and study room so that you can have a cosy space to read. Follow our tips and suggestions to create a bookshelf interior design that can outclass every Pinterest design you envied or bookmarked.

Bookshelf Design For Study Room – Where To Start?

Bookshelf Design For Study Room

You don't need a huge budget to bring your dream bookshelf to life. All it needs are a few unique and versatile decorative items, furniture, and lots and lots of books. If you are confused about where to start, follow the steps below to plan and implement your bookshelf design.

Find an ideal space

You might have a bookshelf already or don't have one. Be it any of these, find the right space that you want to convert into a reading room. This place must be spacious enough to accommodate your reading table, chair, recliners, decor objects, and most important of all, the bookshelf. 

You can visualise the fit and plan what you need and what you don't. This way, you won't waste your money on unnecessary objects that don't go with the nook area.

Keep in mind that the area should receive ample lighting to enhance the overall look.

Select the required furniture

Select the required furniture

Depending on the number of books, you can select the bookshelf. If you have abundant collections, a wall-sized bookcase is the right option. A small ready-to-assemble bookshelf or traditional almirahs with glass doors can work if you have fewer books. 

Other than bookshelves, you also need comfortable seating arrangements. An armed seating chair, wooden chairs, or bean bags with a reading table and a few colourful throw pillows will be sufficient.

Decide on a theme

A theme isn't necessary but it helps in ideating your bookshelf design from the start. So, pick anything from tons of options available like classic, retro, minimalistic, colourful, elegant, moody, bright, cheerful, etc. 

According to the theme you choose, you can decide the background colour, decor objects, and other elements needed to complete the look.

Handpick decor objects that go with your theme

Handpick decor objects that goes with your theme

The hero of your library is not only books but also the artefacts around it. This is what sets the mood right for a reader for a pleasant reading experience. Choose the items wisely from a reliable shop or online website as per your theme. You don't have to overdo it by filling the room with objects and decor substances. Plan and buy only what's needed from the list of objects below. 

Live plants and potters

Paintings and wall arts

Table lights






Unique art pieces

Decorative lights

You can incorporate These decorative pieces around your bookshelf and nook for a homely feel.

Refer to the next section for awesome product recommendations that fulfil your bookshelf design. 

Bookshelf Design Ideas That You Can Never Go Wrong With

Bookshelf Design Ideas

The following library design tips will get your home library closer to those perfect Pinterest library images you have bookmarked. Let's see how you can blend in the above design elements naturally around your bookcase.

Rugged rugs for your toes to snuggle up

Rugged rugs for your toes to snuggle up

Add a splash of colour to your study room floor by throwing in a rug or a carpet. This not only will accentuate the overall look but also add comfort to your toes. If you don't want the carpet to cover the entire area, use it only for the study section. This way, you can compartmentalise the whole space without any physical barriers, leaving space for your nook. 

It's also easier to maintain the space clean with a floor rug, which is essential for a study room. Hence, find the right floor coverage that can house your seating furniture, study table, and other staged elements. Choose a subtle colour if you are aiming to deviate from the entire attraction on the bookshelf. 

Here is a woven rug from India Circus that perfectly fits the above description.

Pineapple Flat Woven Rug

This is a pretty-looking, mild-hued rug suitable for living rooms, study areas, and large balconies. It's large enough to cover a medium-sized home library or its study area. The top region of the rug is adorned with pineapple motifs equally spaced from one another. This enhances the look and makes the room picture-worthy. 

Another excellent feature of this product is its extreme comfort due to its hand-woven nature, so comfortable that you can read comfortably for hours lying on it. 

Grab this amazing rug at a discounted price right away to liven up your reading arena.

Side tables to accommodate your coffee mugs

Side tables to accommodate your coffee mugs

A side table can be helpful in a small-spaced home library. When this is on the side of your armed chair, it offers additional storage space. You can keep your stationery, coffee mugs, books, candles, and even snack containers. Or, they can also be used to store small plants, lamps, and other decorative objects. 

Here are some affordable side tables you can include in your home library and nook design plan. 

Floral Lake Inception Round Side Table

A designer side table instantly revives the appearance of a place and takes it to the next level. This Floral Lake Inception Round Side Table is one such table made of high-quality steam beech wood and MDF. The intricate designs and subtle colours on the tabletop elevate its beauty. 

For those who prefer more value for the money spent, a nesting table like this is the better option. Here, you get three stools in different sizes for multi-purpose usage.

Pouffe for extra legroom

Pouffe for extra legroom

A comfortable posture is important when you sit to read for hours. You can achieve this by including a pouffe for leg rest. They are so versatile and can even serve as additional seating. With their captivating colours and build, they can be added as great decor pieces too. 

Create an informal reading space by including a plush armchair and an ottoman. This way you can do away with a reading table which can be space-filling and expensive. 

Robin Bird Park Iron Pouffe

This stunning iron pouffe piece is a must-have for your home library. It has a low-weight and well-built iron frame with an upholstered cotton-filled base on top. This fast-moving piece also comes in other classic prints like Chevron Palms or Signature Windows. Get them today to set up an elegant look in seconds. 

You can also replace this ottoman with a bench like this Legend of the Cranes Animal Wooden Bench.

Dreamy mirrors to reflect positivity

Dreamy mirrors to reflect positivity

While designing your home library, you need to think about creating the perfect lighting. Mirrors can help here by facilitating reflection within. They are also cheap decor objects used to uplift a room's ambience. So, if you are looking for cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing decor items, install mirrors in the right direction.

For starters, buy round or oval-shaped mirrors with pleasant frames around them. One such product is linked below.

Floret Delight Wall Mirror

This masterpiece from India Circus can surely light up your walls with its shining mirror and floral frame. The frame is made of MDF material which makes it sturdy enough for long life. The dark blue colour of the frame makes it a perfect choice for light-coloured walls. Alternatively, you can choose tender-shaded frames too, like Neon Cyanic pop burst or bird land wall mirror.

Scintillating lamps and lights to burn midnight oil

Scintillating lamps and lights to burn midnight oil

You will need lights and lamps for peaceful night reading sessions. Why use basic lamp fittings when you can go for artistic table lamps? There are modern lanterns that you can incorporate to pull off a rustic theme. This is how you can elevate your regular lighting source to something extraordinary.

LED lights are another decor option if you want to bring more attention to the bookcases. But they don't gel well with a formal ambience.

Here are some lamps and lanterns perfect for your modern bookshelf design themes.

Conifer Spades Rectangle Table Lamp

Rectangular framed table lamps are unique and optimal for modern home study areas. This is also great for confined spaces due to its narrow bottom. The lamp area is surrounded by pretty canvas with leaf motifs whereas the bottom has a pine wood frame, together making it look classy. 

If you don't want to go for a contemporary option, you can choose this Arches of Enigma lantern. They are the perfect amalgamation of tradition with modern touch. With scented candles inside, this can make your reading evenings therapeutic.  

Cover up your cushions

Cover up your cushions

Cushions are paramount for a comfortable reading experience. Add some cushion to your furniture for added comfort. This is also needed to achieve those magazine looks you wanted to create. Include basic cotton stuffed cushions with colourful covers for a modern bookshelf design. 

Colourful cushion covers from India Circus

Why leave them with basic and soulless covers when they can be striking and impressive? This is why you should pick cushion covers correctly as they make a huge difference. India Circus is known for its unique covers that blend with any space and theme. Our royal-themed cushion covers will become the chef's kiss of your perfect library nook. Some warm and bright cushion covers which you choose for a homely bookshelf design are Bliss Paradise embroidered cushion cover, Regal magnificence cushion cover, and Discoid Azure Cotton Duck cushion cover. These covers also look intellectual, matching reading vibes.

Unique wall art that symbolises peace

Unique wall arts that symbolises peace

Contemporary bookshelf designs have more space for native art pieces like canvas wall art hangings. This way you don't leave the wall empty and add more substance to the room, especially with smaller bookshelves. Other than artistic hangings, pictures with quotes and figurative expressions are also suitable for study areas. 

Here are some hand-picked recommendations from India Circus that are cut out for bookshelf areas.

Figurative Expression Framed Wall Art

Are you a fan of Oscan Wilde's thoughtful and inspirational quotations? This wall art featuring one of his famous sayings should be in your library then. The outer layer is glass here surrounded by a fibre frame, creating a smooth finish. You also have other options than this that depict pretty flora, fauna, and scenic landscapes. 

If you want something more sophisticated, then choose this Divine Harmony Canvas Framed Wall Art featuring a serene picture of a Hindu God, Krishna. This can be a divine addition to your calm study room. 

Artsy figurines as paperweights

Artsy figurines as paper weights

Figurines, statues, and sculptures are artistic additions to your study room to increase its aesthetic quotient. Choosing them in neutral colours will not just look appealing but also bring good luck. Hence, make sure you include a few exquisite statutes relevant to your bookshelf interior design.

They can be placed in bookcases, open shelves, side tables, or even on reading tables.

India Circus presents you with an array of figurine collections like this Pristine White Owl Set or this Pitch black Dachshund figurine. These figurines are the best decor objects for your home library case and can perfectly fit smaller bookcase compartments. Not just this, there are many other animal figurines available to spruce up your study room. 

Cute stationery picks

Cute stationery picks

A comprehensive study room should have everything including stationery items. Include accessories you will need like a pen stand, art supplies, diary, etc. An organised stationery stand with these items can turn the place studious and moody. 

Find the best corner in your bookshelf to set up your stationery corner and store study-related accessories. 

Here are some excellent suggestions suitable for the bookshelf design of your study room.

Cream Curtains of Versatility Desk Of Versatility Desk Organiser

This desk organiser is a perfect fit for your bookshelf to hold pens, markers, and other stationery items. It's much different than plastic organisers as it's made of rigid MDF material. This enhances the overall outlook of the product and turns it into a showpiece. With this, you will no longer find random objects scattered in your reading nook. Get them today at a slashed price before it goes out of stock.


Your home library is the reflection of your mind. When you step in there, you don't just observe the collection of your books, but the entire atmosphere. Make it worthwhile with the right bookshelf design ideas like the ones listed above. Let us join hands with you in this mission to transform your study room into an epitome of art and elegance.

FAQs Tips for Creating Stunning Library Nooks and Bookshelves

Q1: How do you make a bookshelf look interesting?

Create interest on your bookshelf with India Circus. Choose a theme classic, retro, or minimalist and add accents like live plants, lamps, mirrors and other decorative items. Add rugs and comfortable seating options like bean bags, to the space. To brighten up your space India Circus offers distinctive rugs like the Pineapple Flat Woven Rug.

Q2: How do you style a library bookshelf?

For a stunning appearance decorate your library bookshelf with India Circus. Utilise bookends & categorise books by genre. Use vases, sculptures and framed wall art to decorate. Table lamps like the Conifer Spades Rectangle Table Lamp can add warmth. With rugs, cushions and decorative pillows from India Circus you can create a cosy environment.

Q3: What makes a library attractive?

A beautiful library can be made with the aid of India Circus products. Set up your bookshelf with a variety of titles and add accents like lighting, art and figurines. Select cosy furniture such as the Iron Pouffe at India Circus’ Robin Bird Park. To define space and reflect light, use rugs & mirrors. It is welcoming thanks to the thoughtful details and individual touches!