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Top 7 gifting ideas: Diwali gifting reimagined with India Circus bamboo collection

Updated On : 08 Nov 2023

We all eagerly await the festival season, and when it finally reaches our doors, the preparations, the celebrations, and our joy understand no boundaries! The good news is Diwali is around the corner, and here are some great Diwali gifting ideas for you and your family.

We all eagerly await the festival season, and when it finally reaches our doors, the preparations, the celebrations, and our joy understand no boundaries! The good news is Diwali is around the corner, and you can already feel the excitement in the air. People have started cleaning and decorating their homes, shopping for traditional outfits, arranging different parties and events, and, planning the special Diwali menus. In all this festive zeal, what you simply can't miss is the best Diwali gifting products for your dear and near ones!

A packet of sweets or dry fruits sounds nice, but why not take your Diwali gifts up a notch with some unique ideas? India Circus is here to glam up the beautiful tradition of Diwali gifting! For a quick preview, how would you like something chic and modern with the rustic touch of bamboo? Read on if you are intrigued!

Diwali Gifts: 7 amazing ideas from India Circus

Bamboo is not just a gift; it’s a sustainable statement. Its biodegradability and compostability make it the perfect choice for eco-conscious gifting. The following range of bamboo gift products will be useful for the receiver and great for our planet, and you will feel good about giving. 

1. Bamboo Jars

Bamboo Jars

Everyone needs jars at home to store different things. The fun part is it can be a great addition to the decor. Bamboo jars offer one more feature, which is sustainability. Pick the Azur Blooms Bamboo Jar, the Mystifying Dazzle Bamboo Jar, or any other option, and the receiver will be impressed. Intricate work and nature-inspired designs in beautiful shades of blue, red, green, etc, create a charming appearance. 

Pieces like the Mughal Jhali Bamboo Jar take inspiration from Mughal architecture and the era's craftsmanship, bringing glimpses from history to you. Diwali gifts can't get any more fascinating! The lids provide an airtight seal, keeping all the moisture away and the food items fresh. The elegant look of these bamboo fibre jars or bamboo glass jars also makes them perfect to store your favourite jewellery or use as showpieces. 

2. Bamboo Serving Trays

Bamboo Serving Trays

Now that people are preparing to host Diwali gatherings and welcome guests, all the serving trays in the house will make their way from the storage shelves to the tables. A bamboo serving tray, hence, will be a fitting gift! The options are quite alluring. Bamboo trays in round and rectangular shapes are available, where the base is white. What makes these a popular choice is carefully drawn floral, geometric, and aerial motifs. 

For something out-of-the-box, you can check out the Signature Windows Rectangle Bamboo Tray. As the name suggests, tiny windows are shaped on the bamboo tray, each with an exquisite design. In case your eyes are still stuck on the Mughal Jhali patterns of the jars, you will find the same on a small or large bamboo serving tray.

3. Bowls and Tray Set

Bowls and Tray Set

What's better than gorgeous serving trays? A set of carefully handcrafted, one-of-a-kind bowls and a tray. When your loved ones open the gift wrap to see the bowls and tray with a sparkling finish, they will be marvelled, all thanks to the stunning blooms, leaves, and other shapes. 

The bowls and tray sets with aerial moments deserve a special mention here. The fanciful flight of the majestic cranes with whimsical blooms in the background creates a dramatic appeal. Serve some dry fruits or mouthwatering dips and place them on the table, and the guests are bound to be impressed. 

4. Bamboo Mugs

Bamboo Mugs

Coffee mugs never go out of style, and they can be a crowd hit this Diwali, too! But don't stick to the same old coffee mugs when more stylish and eco-friendly options are here. Buy a single bamboo mug for a friend, a pair for your favourite couple, or buy multiple mugs and make it a set for a big fat family gift. 

The naturally heat-resistant and durable bamboo material makes these mugs perfect for sipping tasty beverages at the correct temperature. On the other hand, it will give you the combination of luxury and sustainability in a single gift. 

5. Containers

Containers by India Circus

One can never have enough containers at home. Whether to store food items, carry tiffins, or send some delicious food to friends and family, a container is often the need of the hour. Many have an entire drawer or cabinet dedicated to containers. This festive season, say goodbye to boring containers and wrap some aesthetic ones for gifting. 

You will find a set of four containers made with bamboo fibre that will be a treat to the eyes just like the food will be to one's appetite. They come in bright hues as well as monochrome shades. By the way, you will get a large, medium, small, and extra small container in each set. 

6. Bamboo Jug Set

Bamboo Jug Set

Be it Diwali lunch, lunch, or just snacks, the table will be incomplete without some refreshing and flavoursome drinks and beverages. The table will look more alluring with a bamboo jug and matching tumblers. 

You will get four big-size tumblers in a set. Quite versatile shades and motifs that complement households with different interiors and themes are available. Having even plain water becomes more interesting when you have such vibrant-looking tumblers in your hand, doesn't it?

7. Bamboo Frankie Cup

Bamboo Frankie Cup

Some people need their coffee, even if they have to drink it on the go. Here's where the invention of Frankie cups became a blessing. Whether in a rush, getting late for the office, or just going out for a walk, you don't need to leave your cup of Joe behind. Pour it into a Frankie cup, and you are good to go! If you have a coffee lover in your life, you must check out our range of Frankie cups. 

Talking about the functionality- the cups will have double-walled insulation so the coffee won't go cold. The silicon mat provides easy-to-grip handles, and the well-fitted lid prevents any spilling. Now, coming to the fun part, the various hues, traditional designs, and geometric shapes give a regular Frankie cup the much-needed festive makeover. 

Master the Art of Diwali Gifting with India Circus!

India Circus has made a name for itself in its short lifespan for all the right reasons! Its collections will remind you of the rich, traditional visions of India and blend them with contemporary elements. The use of different motifs, be it blooms, birds, or unique shapes, and the incorporation of selected colours gives India Circus its distinct image. It doesn't create mere items; each piece is no less than an artistic impression. Browse its collections, and you will witness drama, symmetry, and cohesive creations!

Another key factor that comes up in its products is sustainability. The range of bamboo gift items is an ode to the same. When you try to find the perfect gifts to add to the auspicious occasion of Diwali, items made with a material like bamboo will be ideal. We hope you find the perfect gifts, and here's wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali!