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Wallpaper ideas to inspire your upcoming living room makeover

Updated On : 16 Jan 2024

Are you ready to design your living space with the splash of your personality and style? Then wallpapers are the best choice to come up with. Enjoy your new home with new creative ideas of wallpapering which enhances the beauty of your life.

Over the past couple of years, we've seen a serious interest in making interiors so cosy and luxurious. Are you ready to design your living space with the splash of your personality and style? Then wallpapers are the best choice to come up with. Enjoy your new home with new creative ideas of wallpapering which enhances the beauty of your life. Wallpapers are like taking a new breath of lifestyle into your home.

Whether your interior design calls for modern designs or Traditional designs, our designer wallpapers will be a great fit for both. Our wallpapers are a befitting choice for all kinds of interiors. Explore our wide range of astounding wallpaper decors for your upcoming living room ideas.

 A living room is a place where we all fall at ease. It is a space of our choice where multiple actions can take place such as having food, reading books, working space, a relaxing place and so on. This space should have a cosy and bright vibe to enhance your day. Here is some of a glimpse of an inspiring wallpaper design for living room walls. Let us have a look into it:

Seasonal blooms

Seasonal Blooms

Looking for where to start? Say hello to seasons with our special seasonal wallpapers, a collection of all-season wallpaper from India Circus. Our wallpaper comes with neutral palettes representing the tones of seasons. Spring season starts with blooming flowers whereas our wallpapers bloom your day-to-day life-like seasons which will be a beautiful start to your day. Made from high quality, non-woven, and also comes with high durability and long-lasting. When you are ready for the change that will keep you stimulated then it's time to keep going. Don't miss out on these eye-catching designs.

Flocking feathers

Flocking Feathers

Do you wish to flock your feathers like birds? Is it an imaginary dream for you to do so? Come on let's join our hands and do it together like the saying means 'Birds of the same feathers flock together' to taste the flavour of flying with our wallpaper decors from India Circus. Wallpapers with floral motifs and birds make you feel the vibrancy of birds in you. Bird's feather wallpaper from the House of India Circus is a perfect pick for your bedroom wall designs. Punch out in style with the wide range of wallpaper collections from India Circus.

Bringing the archives back

Bringing the archives back

Vintage wallpapers are often referred to as today's retro style. They bring back the look of ancient days with traditionalism in it. Made of floral prints and big patterns. India Circus gives it an antique touch and modern finish which keeps your room looking fresh and new for years to come. With their appealing look, they might bring back your cherished memories down the lane. Adding a splash of archives to your walls will translate your home into a dreamy home. It has the power to beautify your space, make your rooms appear spacious and even add some height. Always keep your energy 100% with our India Circus wallpapers.

Aesthetic arts

Aesthetic arts

The word aesthetic itself means beauty. Undoubtedly these wallpapers will add beauty to your walls. Aesthetic wallpapers embellishing the walls of your home can be appealing to your eyes so happiness never goes out of style. Most of us don't even give second thoughts on wallpaper as we stick on to the same old paints and wall designs. Considering having wallpapers in this era adds some essence of fashion to your walls. Unlike paints, wallpaper is fully customizable with varieties of endless shades and patterns for an aesthetic look from India circus. Hit the link for in-store Aesthetic wallpapers from India Circus.

The fastest and easiest way to infuse colours, style and personality into your living space is with wallpapers. Wallpapers nowadays have become the talk of the town and no wonder why!! Because of its elegance and style. Well, you could stick it to your room walls with your favourite shade for a wonderful look, but let us give you some tips for a cosy and luxurious space with our budget-friendly wallpapers. In the below content let us explore some ways in which your dining space, reading space and couch space can be designed with our wallpapers in your life.

Wallpapers for dining Space

Wallpapers for dining Space

Explore the latest collections of wallpapers from India Circus and select the best that suits your dining space. Chinoiserie wallpapers are the best pick for your dining space with their natural and organic look. Chinoiserie wallpapers are sure to catch your eyes and just bring the fanciful patterns to your space. These wallpapers are rich and royal which acts as a game changer to your room. Whether you love loud patterns or simple patterns with dreamy pastel colours, these wallpapers from India Circus are gorgeous and a perfect fit for your dining space and also come in different style variants.

Wallpapers for couch space

Wallpapers for Couch Space

Looking to add colour and a modern feel to your space? This vertical rose twist wallpaper is the answer. It celebrates the beauty of nature. No one doesn't like roses. Roses are never boring vintage romance material, which is why they work so magically in the couch space. It gives a feminine look to your space which is cool. These vertical rose twist wallpapers come with a minimalistic appearance. This is going to be a sure winner at your home and haul praises from all your guests. Take a peek at our favourite wallpapers for your couch space to soothe your emotions.

Wallpapers for reading or working space

Wallpapers for Reading or working Space

Is there anyone who doesn't like Paris? Not! Invite our City of Flux range of vibrant wallpapers from India Circus to your home setting with the genre of collection of books to escalate your reading space. It makes a striking statement in any space of your home. The colours used are organic and vibrant which will make your space exciting and full of enthusiasm. It is a delightful mix of cultures. We adore this City of Flux wallpaper designed by India Circus for its amazing sketch. This is going to elevate your romance by reading books. So, what are you waiting for?

Wallpaper for bedroom wall designs

Wallpaper for Bedroom wall designs

Planning to repaint your bedroom wall? Not so required. Renew your walls with our platter portrayal wallpapers from India Circus. The fastest and easiest way to infuse design into your walls. With plates representing the sign of making way for a new one, this will be a royal addition to your interiors. This print showcases a print of platters in a line that makes it trending. When you are up for a change, scale it up with these beautiful portrayals. Click the link to explore the beauty of our platter portrayal.

Our wallpapers are made of high-quality material, which is durable and long-lasting. We hope that you found some inspirational wallpaper decors for your upcoming living room makeover from this snippet of our wide range of wallpapers. Grab the best designs out of the best designs. Happy living!!


How to choose the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom wall?

Patterned and colourful wallpaper works as interesting design elements that can effortlessly change the beauty of your bedroom.

How to choose a unique wallpaper design for the living room?

The colour of the wallpaper should be selected according to the colour scheme of the living room tone, which is a mandatory factor for showing uniqueness in it.