Lumion 2024 release a new version of leading 3D architectural visualization software

26 Mar 2024

Accelerating architectural visualization with real-time Ray Tracing & Rapid Video rendering capabilities

Lumion, a global leader in 3D rendering software for the AEC sector, proudly unveils Lumion 2024, its latest breakthrough in 3D visualization software. Trusted by architects and designers worldwide, Lumion empowers the seamless transformation of 3D models into immersive visual experiences, setting new standards in efficiency and realism.

Designed to streamline the design process, Lumion 2024 offers:

  • Real-time visual feedback on design and modelling decisions.

  • Enhanced ray tracing capabilities, including nature, glass, and translucent materials.

  • More than 5x faster ray-traced video rendering capabilities than the previous version.

"At Lumion, we prioritize efficiency and realism for architects and designers," said Thomas Søenderby, CEO at Lumion. "Lumion 2024 equips users with an array of tools and features to unlock their creative potential, facilitating effortless communication with team members, clients, and stakeholders."

With optimized ray tracing technology, Lumion 2024 blurs the line between reality and rendered image, offering unparalleled photorealistic renders. Users gain instant visual feedback through crystal-clear, ray-traced previews, accelerating the design iteration process. Additionally, the software has been empowered to produce 5x faster video rendering speeds than the previous version, enabling the swift production of high-quality, full ray-traced animations.

"We believe in removing barriers to creativity, and Lumion 2024’s enhanced ray tracing capabilities pay testament to that," Thomas added. "Ray tracing places photorealistic renders at the fingertips of every user, no matter their level of arch viz experience. With just a single click, anybody can create a true-to-life render and see a project brought to life in moments.”


Pricing and Availability

Lumion 2024 is available now. Existing subscribers can download the latest version for free using the software’s built-in updater. Standard and Pro licenses are offered against 1 and 3-year subscription plans. Product details and pricing can be found on the Lumion website. 

Lumion offers free licenses for students and educators worldwide. Students can request a license here. Please note that the Student version of Lumion 2024 will launch in the coming weeks.