Abhishek Kumra

Architect, New Delhi







Abhishek Kumra is the founder and principal architect at Admira, a distinguished design-build firm situated in the bustling heart of New Delhi, India.

Going beyond the traditional role of a design-build firm, Admira positions itself as a comprehensive one-stop solution. From the initial conceptualization of architectural designs to the final project delivery, the firm adeptly orchestrates the entire process, seamlessly managing architectural design, construction, luxury interiors, and project management—overseeing every facet from concept to completion.

Admira holds a firm belief in the transformative potential of thoughtful design, aiming to convert spaces into living masterpieces. The approach at Admira is deeply rooted in meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of clients' visions, harmoniously merging aesthetics with functionality.

The client's vision, coupled with Abhishek's expertise, is the foundation upon which an extraordinary collaboration can be built

Architectural design, Interior Design, Space planning, Turnkey projects