Adarsh Rao

Co-founder and CEO , Gurgaon







I am Adarsh Rao, Co-founder and CEO at Minimalix. We are a team of highly creative interior designing enthusiasts working towards making the lives of people comfortable and convenient while adding a touch of aesthetics using the philosophy of "minimalism". We believe that you don't need "more" things to feel comfortable but rather the "right" things.

Being an avid reader of books and magazines. I was always fascinated by Entrepreneurs and how they solved complex problems of our society and built a fruitful business out of it.

So I started my journey towards building startup in 2018. I failed twice in building a successful venture but as they often say, " Success never comes easy, but its always worth it". That failure was a learning in disguise for me. I got even more clear idea of what I'm doing and where I need to go.

So here I am towards building my next venture and hopefully a "Successful" one this time because the idea is to serve people through the gift of minimalism.

Branding and identity, Graphic design, Home Decor, Home styling, Sales and Marketing, Workplace wellness