Bhawana Bhatnagar

Interior Stylist, Gurgaon







Capital’s most admirable interior designing & styling brand based out of Gurgaon. Established with an urge to deliver incredible experiences, Casa Exotique has redefined a new benchmark for remarkable interiors and exquisite finishes. The company has been exploring the depth of Interior Designing and Styling with the help of a remarkable team of professionals who takes each and every turn to make your vision come to life.

The brand is owned and run by Bhawana Bhatnagar, who is an interior stylist herself and have been working the sector for a quite a long time, who belongs to the niche group, and apart from living an exuberant life, with her passion for interior designing and decoration, she infuses beauty and vivaciousness in others’ lives too. She has served many renowned people and their lives with her unique touch of styling which creates a whole new aura in the space, whether it's personal space or professional space.

Interior Designing and Styling