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Founded in 1957, IMK Architects is an Architectural, Urban Planning and Interior Design firm based out of Mumbai and Bengaluru. Over the last 50 years we have stood by our aim to do extraordinary work, and are committed to take this legacy forward in future

Our design philosophy is based on Biophilic Architecture. Our focus and commitment is to provide designs, which are site sensitive and emphasize on being in harmony with nature. We ensure designs provide vibrant and warm spaces, which are socially responsive where people thrive and activities flourish.
Our collaboration with the client is much deeper to develop the project brief and carries forward till the execution of the project. We are constantly questioning our belief and strive to make our buildings serve the users beyond their expectations.

Led by a core team of experienced Architects the firm follows a rigorous design process to achieve their goals. The firm expertise's in various segments ranging from Healthcare, Hospital

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