Ramni Joshi

Textile Designer , Mumbai







RJ patterns by Ramni Joshi focused is in providing unique and innovative pattern designs that keep up with consumer trends. Our patterns when enhanced and restructured it met with a right product in right form and yes our Consumer is our right person to purchase it.

Founder & Creative Director M/s Ramni Joshi is an illustrator/ Textile designer designing consumer products and textiles for companies.

I draw inspiration from a range of sources: from fashion shows, or from the natural world. I also find inspiration on my travels. I find my Pinterest boards and Instagram collections really helpful; I use them to save pictures with interesting elements and styles. I also enjoy photography and take lots of photos of flowers and plants, as well as other interesting things I encounter during my day.
I like the versatility of the styles and the option to use a range of motifs one day I might be drawing or painting and other on CAD/CAM.


Artworks Listed in Canadian Magazine, and tie up with Uppercase Magazine from last 5years.
Won Adobe Stock Award for my Traditional Designs (Topic- Indian Lady & Struggle) in the year 2022 and 2023.

Design, Surface designing, Textile Design