SAGI Architects

Connecting people and architecture







Founded by Akash Dudhe in 2014, SAGI Architects is a multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design practice based in Mumbai. We aspire to create spaces that foster meaningful connections between people and their environment.

Our work is research-based, collaborative and process-driven that responds to people, context and nature. Our approach begins by understanding the relationship between people and the brief, and progresses to reinforce that connection through design. As a design-and-build practice, our approach to each project, irrespective of its type, scale and location, puts the project’s vision at the forefront, striking a balance between aesthetics and technicality.

Short for Studio for Architecture, Graphics and Interiors, SAGI Architects’ portfolio covers a vast range of architecture and interior projects from villas and commercial buildings to high-end residential, commercial and hospitality interiors. Our projects include masterplan for ITM University in Naya

Architectural design, Interior Design, Landscape Design