Shobhan Kothari

Architect , Mumbai







Shobhan Kothari is an architect. He graduated from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture (KRVIA) in Mumbai. At college he had the good fortune of studying in an exchange student program at McGill University, Montreal, Canada for six months. During his college internship at Kapadia associates he worked on Crossroads, Tardeo.
Upon graduation he worked with architect Nitin Killawala. During the course of working he was presented an opportunity to design a Deaf and Mute institute in Mumbai. This project began his career and he set up a practice in 2000. Later in 2002 he formed a partnership with Anand Menon who was his colleague and friend from his graduating college. Together they have now been in practice for 17 years under the banner of ADND. Their office is involved in numerous boutique projects of residential, corporate and commercial in genre.
In 2009, after having worked on numerous projects with Kiran Kapadia in capacity of ADND, a joint venture company in name of KDND

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