AND Studio

Architecture and design studio, Sarvpriya Vihar







AND STUDIO is an architectural and design studio founded and established in New Delhi. We aim to devise the best radical, innovative, and sensitive ways of shaping our environment through a pragmatic response to the needs of our clients through extensive design endeavors. We thrive to realize our beliefs and ideas by providing contextually appropriate, green, and affordable solutions. Positioned in the capital of an emerging economy, We aspire towards dissolving boundaries in architecture and infrastructural design by serving a global community for timeless and sustainable spaces.

AND this is where it all begins.

1. WA Award in the category Interior design-Realised, 35th cycle, October 2020 for the project-DLF Magnolias, Gurugram.

2. WA Award in the category Architecture-Designed, 33rd cycle, February 2020 for the project- Residence Nandi Hills, Bangalore.

3. WA community awarded ANDstudio in the 26th cycle, October 2017 for the project-Infotainment centre, Asprovalta, Greece.

4. WA community awarded ANDstudio in the 25th cycle, July 2017 for the project-Sri Ramarchan Mandiram, Ayodhaya, Uttar Pradesh.

5. WA community awarded ANDstudio in the 25th cycle, July 2017 for the project-Dream Pavilion, United Kingdom.

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