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CanvasInc is a multidisciplinary design firm started in 2014 the firm’s portfolio includes a wide range of projects ranging from residential design, commercial interiors, hospitality, and private bungalows. CanvasInc has a contemporary and flexible approach towards design and technology. We provide a motley of imaginative and contemporary architecture, interior design, and planning solutions to our clients without compromising on functionality. We derive inspiration from various walks of life, art, culture, history, and people. Although our focus is design, we are a working architecture firm with an emphasis on client service. We approach each project with enthusiasm and strive to match client’s expectations through our designs.
We believe that the founding principle of a great design is its simplicity and clarity. When you're building a room, you're building a character. Our goal at CanvasInc is to produce comprehensive, design-oriented work for a diverse range of projects.

Architectural design, Interior Design, Project Management, Turnkey projects, Visualisaton