Modern Living

  • Location Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Services rendered Bespoke furniture, Electrical, Plumbing, artwork and fixtures, artwork and painting, Bespoke Doors, Civil, construction, Customized furniture, Door Skins, Exterior Furniture Finishes, Interior Design, Interior Textured Furniture Finishes, Interior Textured Wall Finishes, Interiors, Residential interior design, Styling

  • Year of completion 2019

  • Client brief A home for a family of four that needed more space to comfortably accommodate their growing needs. Often heard the saying - a house is bought, a home is built. This was one such project - we were inclined to enable them to tell their story through their home. Modern Living is an end to end solution for the user. From breaking to making and everything after, it was a complete overhaul. A space to grow A space that narrates their story. A space to create memories.