A Serene Affair

  • Location Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Services rendered artwork and fixtures, artwork and painting, Customized furniture, Interior Design, Interior Textured Furniture Finishes, Interior Textured Wall Finishes, Residential interior design, Wallpaper design

  • Year of completion 2021

  • Client brief Vipul Soni, the Principal Designer, along with the design team at Soni Vipul Designs, possessed an ardent desire to transcend the limitations imposed by conventional materials. With unwavering determination, they embarked on a journey of exploration, delving into the realm of rarely utilised materials. Each component within the abode possesses an inherent ability to captivate, eliciting a sense of fascination, all while maintaining optimal functionality. Reflecting the individuality of each occupant, Soni Vipul Designs has achieved unmatched personalisation by carefully considering their unique traits.