Tropical Paradise

  • Location Mangaluru, Karnataka

  • Services rendered Bespoke furniture, Customized furniture, Interior Design, Residential interior design

  • Year of completion 2023

  • Client brief Soni Vipul Designs orchestrated a captivating symphony of contemporary style and warm hospitality in a sprawling Bangalore mansion for a prominent family. The 14,000 sq ft haven embraces Vastu principles, evident in every detail from the welcoming canine sculpture to the tranquil tea zone and the South Indian-infused puja area. Two contrasting kitchens cater to both intimate family gatherings and grand soirees, while a library, home theatre, spa, and salon cater to every whim. Bespoke furniture, cutting-edge technology, and curated art elevate each space, while the colour palette reflects the family's multi-generational harmony