Sanjeev and Rama'a Residence

  • Location Lisa Groves, Financial District, Nanakaramguda, Telangana

  • Services rendered House architecture, Interior Design

  • Year of completion 2019

  • Client brief Location: Lisa Grooves Area: 6000 SQFT Design Brief: This House has a Modern Rustic feel with wooden patterns onto the walls and ceilings. The cladding onto the wall is gold plated with a rough texture to give the client a rich feel of his lifestyle. Description: The idea behind this interior setting is to incorporate a rustic contemporary design as the theme. In order to achieve so, we have wooden rafters inlaid onto the walls and ceilings that lend a rustic farmhouse style interiors. While the aesthetics are unpretentious and charming, contemporary comforts ensure that living will be comfortable.